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Welcome! The Ardmore Initiative is the business district authority responsible for economic development, advocacy, business recruitment and retention, marketing and promotions, streets cape amenities, and oversight of Facade Improvement programs within Ardmore's central business district. We respond to the various needs of the business community, keeping them informed about local issues through quarterly newsletters, weekly e-blasts and through a vibrant social media presence. We also work closely with the Ardmore Business Association to plan events and activities to draw shoppers to the area. Over the years, we have worked with Lower Merion Township to plan a number of streetscape improvement projects, which have included new sidewalks, curbs, trees, and street furniture.  We also install and maintain streetscape amenities, such as benches and trash receptacles, banners and signage, flower baskets, and ground cover plantings. We also organize seasonal flower plantings and the installation of welcome banners and "A" lights on light poles throughout town.  The Ardmore Initiative has also worked for years to keep Ardmore’s streets clean and has a Green Machine for sidewalk cleaning. You will see Harry Williams using the machine on the district’s sidewalks most days, weather permitting. 

The Ardmore Initiative works closely with the Township's Retail Coordinator,  to recruit new and appropriate retailers to our downtown district. If you are interested in starting a new business in Ardmore, please peruse our available real estate listings and our business directory (navigation bar on left) to see how your business will fit with our mix. Heidi can be of great help in explaining Ardmore's incentive programs, available space for rent or purchase, and Lower Merion Township's building code requirements.

If you would like more information on our programs, events or to volunteer with the Ardmore Initiative, please contact us here

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History and Mission of The Ardmore Initiative
The Ardmore Initiative started as the Ardmore Main Street program in 1988, was designated a municipal business district authority by the Township of Lower Merion (LMT) in 1993, and was renewed in 1998, 2003, 2008 and 2013. Our MISSION is to create and maintain a thriving, economically viable downtown business district for the benefit of merchants, residents, and visitors alike and to serve as advocates for the district's commercial property and business owners.

The east-west boundaries of the district extend from Wyoming Avenue and 333 West Lancaster Avenue on the western end to 233 East Lancaster and 218 East Lancaster Avenue on the eastern end. The northern boundary follows the railroad tracks, and the southern boundary proceeds along Rittenhouse Place up to and including 30 East Athens Avenue, and along Cricket Avenue up to 123 Cricket Avenue.

Administration of The Ardmore Initiative

The Ardmore Initiative is governed by a Board of Directors, 11 to 17 in number, representing the property owners and a cross-section of business interests. In addition, two representatives of Lower Merion’s Board of Commissioners and the Ardmore Initiative's Solicitor serve as ex-officio members of the Board. Board members are nominated by the Ardmore Initiative and appointed by the Lower Merion Board of Commissioners for 5-year terms. The day to day operations of the Ardmore Initiative are overseen by an Executive Director working under the direction of the Board.

The projects and services undertaken by the Ardmore Initiative are funded in part by a special assessment on each commercial property within the district based on the assessed value of the property. The payment of the annual assessment is enforceable in the same manner as municipal real estate tax assessments.

When the Ardmore Initiative was approved in 1993, it contained a “sunset” provision requiring property owners within the district to reauthorize the Authority after five years of operation. This Five Year Plan addresses the Ardmore Initiative’s request for reauthorization.

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The Ardmore Initiative
Christine Vilardo, Executive Director
56 E. Lancaster Avenue
Ardmore, Pennsylvania 19003
Phone: 610-645-0540
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