Why Buy Local?

Reasons to buy local

1. Support the local economy
Residents spend more of their money at other local businesses, keeping more of their money here in Ardmore. Studies have shown that for every $100 dollars spent at a local business, $45 stays in the local economy; while for every $100 spent at a national chain store, only $14 stays in the community. *

2. Help the environment
Local businesses are more likely to use other local goods and services, lowering their transportation costs. Furthermore, having a large selection of businesses in a walkable downtown setting reduces the need for local residents to drive, cutting down on congestion, pollution, and sprawl.

3. Keep Ardmore unique
In a world increasingly dominated by chain stores, preserving our unique heritage and identity has become more important than ever. Independent businesses are an essential part of what keeps us special, and makes Ardmore a great place to live, work, and shop.

4. Get better service
Businesses in Ardmore are staffed by people who are invested in our town, and often live here too. They are more willing to get to know you, their customer, and they take pride in the services that they provide.

5. Nurture community
Local business owners tend to be more accountable and accessible to the communities that they serve than national chain managers. Furthermore, studies have shown that local businesses contribute more to charitable organizations and community groups than national chains. *

6. Save your tax dollars
Businesses that set up shop downtown need less public subsidies in the form of roads, utilities, and services than big box and strip mall stores, saving taxpayer dollars. *

7. Support entrepreneurship
Small businesses and entrepreneurs play a vital role in driving our economy. Having strong independent businesses attracts not only more visitors, but other entrepreneurs looking to invest in unique neighborhoods.

* Sources:  Tulsa-Centric, Civic Economics, Journal of Urban Economics

Support our Ardmore merchants – Buy Local!