Why green plants are great for the office

Why green plants are great for the office

Scientific studies have shown the positives of having greenery in your office. Here are seven benefits of indoor plants.

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1 Stress reduction

In 2010 the new University of Technology, Sydney investigated workers introduced to plants. Scientists noted a 37 percent plunge in anxiety; a 58 percent dip in depression; and a 44 percent lessening of hostility.

Researchers commented on the ability of plants to lift staff spirits and promote wellbeing.

2 Productivity boost

When just a few plants enter the workplace, productivity leaps 15 percent, according to the University of Exeter, in 2014. Memory retention and other basic functioning improve too.

3 Less absences

A Human Spaces report in 2015 studied 7,600 office staff worldwide. It discovered that almost two-thirds of workers lack plants in their offices. Workspaces hosting natural elements had a 6 percent higher productivity score and a 15 percent greater wellbeing rating.

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Plants may help to banish sick building syndrome. The Agricultural University of Norway discovered that introducing plants to an office is associated with a 25 percent decrease in illnesses, including concentration problems, fatigue, dry skin and irritated eyes and nose.

4 Green workspaces attract staff

Biophilic design – decor inspired by nature – continues to be compelling. A third of people are influenced by workspace design when accepting a job, and companies that promote a green environment win out.

When entering an office, plants and reception chairs make a big impression. For ergonomic solutions to impress your visitors, see reception chairs available here.

Nature at Work recommends some healthy practices: https://www.nature-at-work.co.uk/office-plants-14-benefits/.

5 Air purifying

Plants absorb unwanted carbon dioxide and combine it with light and water to produce energy (photosynthesis). They also clean the air of chemicals such as trichloroethylene, formaldehyde and benzene. Palms are best for processing carbon dioxide, but any medium-sized plant (above 20cm) will deplete chemicals.

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6 Noise reduction

Plants absorb sound, helping to reduce background chatter. Placing large pot plants around the edges of a room yields the best results.

7 Enhance creativity

According to the Human Spaces report, employees with access to natural elements rated 15 percent higher on creativity.

Attention restoration theory proposes that viewing nature can encourage a different neural processing mode, promoting relaxation and better concentration.

Good plants for workplaces include succulents, peace lilies and rubber plants.

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