Five Of The Most Beautiful Beaches In The World

While COVID-19 has put paid most holiday plans, we’re looking forward to a time when international tourism is again permitted. Beaches are a favorite destination for many, especially those from colder climates. Beaches offer various attractions: stretches of sand for walking or tanning, crystal clear waters, and perfect waves to surf. Here is a short introduction to the best beaches in the world.

  1. Ka’anapali Beach, Hawaii

With warm temperatures in both summer and winter, Ka’anapali is a perfect destination for heat lovers. Its three-mile stretch of sand is great for walking and basking in the sun, while the warm water is perfect for swimming and snorkeling. It is less than an hour’s drive from Kahului Airport and is the location of Hawaii’s very first resort. Not only that but for thrill-seekers, there is the attraction of cliff diving: a summer custom taking place every evening in the hotter months.

  1. Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Fernando de Noronha is 350 km off the coast of Brazil – part of an archipelago named after a Portuguese nobleman. It offers everything a beach needs: sunshine, carpets of smooth sand, and perfect conditions for swimming and snorkeling. The archipelago consists of 21 smaller islands, only one of which is inhabited, and it is actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site, due to its rich biodiversity. A limited number of visitors are permitted to avoid damaging the ecosystem. Excellent visibility underwater offers the chance of meeting turtles, fish, and octopuses.

  1. Long Beach, Cape Town

As the name suggests, Long Beach offers visitors a stretch of sand perfect for a meander. At high tide, a small lagoon is formed, which is a great place for children to splash around – the water at this beach is quite chilly. Gazing out to sea conjures to mind the stories of people stranded on desert islands: sand unspoiled by footprints and a distant horizon where sky and sea blend into one. While swimming isn’t as popular at this location, surfers regularly hit the waves. If you walk far enough, you could also come across the wreck of Kakapo, a schooner whose remains emerge from the sand – sunk over 120 years ago.

  1. Pink Beach, Indonesia

Pink Beach (Pantai Merah) is unique: the sand is pink in color – one of seven beaches on the globe to boast this unusual feature. Apart from this aesthetic attraction, the beach is perfect for swimming and sunbathing. Kayaking is also a popular pastime, while under the surface there is a multitude of things to discover: coral, tropical fish, and manta rays among others.

  1. Whitehaven Beach, Australia

If you visit Australia, Whitehaven Beach is a must. Like many of the most beautiful beaches, it offers an endless stretch of white sands and clear water. Another attractive feature is the relative isolation: its remoteness means that there is lots of room to breathe, and you can lie on the sand, read your book, or even register at ZAR Casino in complete peace.

Just A Taste

These are only five of the best beaches in the world. If you are fortunate enough to be able to travel, they are a great starting point for your bucket list.

Irish cultural customs hard to understand by non-Irish

You know that feeling when you meet someone from a different background, spend some time with them, and start noticing some very unique mannerisms about them? These things might surprise you quite a bit. When you go to a new country, you multiply that feeling by at least a thousand times. If that new country is Ireland, you’d probably be very surprised by their customs of thanking bus drivers or saluting magpies. But these are the most basic examples you can think of.  The deeper you delve into Irish culture and way of life, the more fascinating it gets.  Understanding the cultural significance of a particular customer can really put things into a new perspective for you as an outsider.

1.Irish humor

You’ve most probably heard of ‘the craic’ and wondered what that means. Simply put, it means to have fun. For the Irish, however, it has cultural meaning. Like most nations, the Irish have their unique type of humor that they take great pride in. There’s also a thing called “slagging” which basically means good-natured banter. This is a fairly common practice between people who are close, so it’s never something to get offended by.

2.Pub culture

Heading to a bar or a pub after work is not something unique to Irish culture, that’s for sure. However, the Irish pub is not just a place to go get inebriated. You can go to a fancy dress party in a pub, you can go listen to live traditional music or see a dancing performance. In other words, you can have some of the most authentic cultural experiences in an Irish pub. Let’s not forget about Guinness, which is definitely an Irish cultural trademark. So don’t be too surprised if your Irish friend asks you to go on a night out in a pub almost every evening.

3.Irish music and dance

Irish traditional music and dancing are kept alive and greatly celebrated by Irish people. If you go to Ireland, you’ll most definitely witness a traditional music session in a pub. A lot of pubs host trad sessions regularly. As for traditional dance, Dublin is the best place to go see a performance. There are pubs that host Irish dance parties or shows all year round. Why are Irish people so fond of dancing and why are there so many events dedicated to it, both for locals and for tourists? The roots of Irish dancing can be traced back to Celtic times, but its worldwide popularity can be traced to the dancing show Riverdance. Thanks to that show, people all around the world can now picture in their mind the complex rhythmic dance moves, and the unique Irish dance shoes and costumes when they hear the term Irish dance.

4.Irish death traditions & customs

Irish people have some interesting customs relating to death that might bewilder non-Irish people. First of all,  when a person dies, it is customary to put a death notice in the paper or broadcast it on the local radio station to notify mourners where to attend the wake or funeral. The Irish wake is also quite unusual in the sense that it is not solemn as we might expect. At the wake, friends and family usually gather and share memories and funny stories about the deceased.


Few nations are as passionate about sports as the Irish. Sports are a significant part of Irish culture and it has been so for many years. The most popular traditional sports are Hurling, Football and Camogie. In 1884 the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) was established in order to preserve and promote Irish sport. In Ireland, it is very common to watch sporting events regularly and root avidly for your favorite teams. If you’re attending a game in Ireland, be prepared for quite an intense cultural experience.



Top HVAC trends to know

Like any other industry, the heating and ventilation sector is moving with the times. And as in other areas, the times are changing. What are some of the things that are going to be driving the HVAC industry as we move into a new decade?

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Demographic factors

We’re getting to the point where the millennial generation is starting to influence the property market, whether as renters or buyers. This means they are increasingly becoming consumers of heating and ventilation systems, and they are increasingly involved in speccing them for the workplace, too.

Why is this important to the industry? This generation is much more aware of its environmental footprint than earlier generations. They are going to want systems that do the job effectively but use less energy in the process. That’s going to drive demand for more efficient and eco-friendly HVAC solutions.

Of course, this demographic trend also has an impact on the industry directly as the older baby boomer generation begins to retire and a new workforce comes along. This will require training in the required skills, but it will also mean a move toward more automated ‘smart’ solutions as there is likely to be a smaller skills pool available. Technology such as artificial intelligence can be used to make better use of resources and give early warning of developing issues so that they can be addressed and taken care of before they turn into major problems.

Image Credit

Fuel usage

Another issue the industry needs to face changes in fuel use. There will be increasing pressure to move away from gas, but that means finding alternatives. Whether these are in the form of hydrogen boilers or geothermal heat pumps, they will present considerable challenges.

Distributing heated or cooled air shouldn’t change very much. You’ll still find spiral ducts here but fashions relating to spiral duct are shifting. The current trend is to have a spiral duct on display as an architectural feature, but in the future, we may see more demand for these components of HVAC systems to be hidden.

This highlights the need for the HVAC industry to work closely with the construction sector to incorporate the latest technologies in new builds and in refurbishments of existing properties. Alternative technologies and fuel sources will need to be considered at the design stage.


Don’t drop that chandelier

Many owners of crystal chandeliers avoid the job of cleaning their prized possession because the thought of taking each crystal down and washing them individually is an arduous task. You also don’t want to be in a situation when you take part in a real recreation of the famous Only Fools and Horses scene where a beautiful chandelier comes crashing to the ground. Thanks to TV Aerial Installation Cardiff companies, like this scene is still one of the most popular of all time.

To avoid becoming the real-life Del Boy here we take a look at the different cleaning options.

Image Credit

In essence, whether you own several antique crystal chandeliers or an inexpensive modern one, the key is to clean little and often with a feather duster. That way, dust particles won’t dull the crystal drops.

How often should you clean your crystal chandelier?

Check when your crystal chandelier was made. Those that were made within the last ten years need less cleaning because they have a coating on them that helps to repel dust. As soon as it starts to lose its sparkle and shine, you will know it is time for a clean.

The drip-dry approach made easy

Use a crystal cleaner or glass cleaner and take the following steps :
•       Switch off the ceiling light.
•       Remove the lamps and plug the sockets so liquid can’t get into the connections.
•       Place a covering on the floor to soak up any excess water.
•       Use a generous amount of spray all over the chandelier and allow it to fall off naturally; this will take the dust with it.
•       Use a dust mask and make sure the room is well ventilated.
•       Allow the light fitting to dry out completely before putting the lamps back in place.
•       Wipe the bulbs and switch on. Your chandelier will be sparkling again!

Image Credit

The glove method

  •      Wear white cotton gloves and use chandelier or glass cleaner. Again, make sure the electricity is switched off.
    •       Use a step ladder and position it under the light fitting. Place your fingertips in the solution and run along each crystal strand.

    The complete removal

In some cases, the only way to clean a chandelier is to wash each drop by hand. It’s worth taking a photograph of the chandelier so each one is put back in the right place. You can even watch a video.

Remove each one and clean in warm soapy water before rinsing in cold water. Dab each one dry and replace. The process will be worth it!
Finally, remember to dust every week and undertake an annual thorough cleaning. Then sit back, relax and enjoy!

Why green plants are great for the office

Scientific studies have shown the positives of having greenery in your office. Here are seven benefits of indoor plants.

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1 Stress reduction

In 2010 the new University of Technology, Sydney investigated workers introduced to plants. Scientists noted a 37 percent plunge in anxiety; a 58 percent dip in depression; and a 44 percent lessening of hostility.

Researchers commented on the ability of plants to lift staff spirits and promote wellbeing.

2 Productivity boost

When just a few plants enter the workplace, productivity leaps 15 percent, according to the University of Exeter, in 2014. Memory retention and other basic functioning improve too.

3 Less absences

A Human Spaces report in 2015 studied 7,600 office staff worldwide. It discovered that almost two-thirds of workers lack plants in their offices. Workspaces hosting natural elements had a 6 percent higher productivity score and a 15 percent greater wellbeing rating.

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Plants may help to banish sick building syndrome. The Agricultural University of Norway discovered that introducing plants to an office is associated with a 25 percent decrease in illnesses, including concentration problems, fatigue, dry skin and irritated eyes and nose.

4 Green workspaces attract staff

Biophilic design – decor inspired by nature – continues to be compelling. A third of people are influenced by workspace design when accepting a job, and companies that promote a green environment win out.

When entering an office, plants and reception chairs make a big impression. For ergonomic solutions to impress your visitors, see reception chairs available here.

Nature at Work recommends some healthy practices:

5 Air purifying

Plants absorb unwanted carbon dioxide and combine it with light and water to produce energy (photosynthesis). They also clean the air of chemicals such as trichloroethylene, formaldehyde and benzene. Palms are best for processing carbon dioxide, but any medium-sized plant (above 20cm) will deplete chemicals.

6 Noise reduction

Plants absorb sound, helping to reduce background chatter. Placing large pot plants around the edges of a room yields the best results.

7 Enhance creativity

According to the Human Spaces report, employees with access to natural elements rated 15 percent higher on creativity.

Attention restoration theory proposes that viewing nature can encourage a different neural processing mode, promoting relaxation and better concentration.

Good plants for workplaces include succulents, peace lilies and rubber plants.

How the Trees you Chop Down can benefit you

There have been many arguments for and against chopping down trees, many against arguments being related to the effects it’s having on wildlife and deforestation –  but if you want to get rid of one nuisance tree in your garden, there are many ways you can reuse your cut down tree to make sure it doesn’t go to waste. Tree Surgeon Poole companies can make sure your tree is cut down properly and with the correct safety procedures, so don’t panic about having to do this difficult task by yourself.

The Tree Stump

Tree stumps can make for a great natural side table or garden stools – they are reliable, sturdy, and most importantly you don’t have to worry too much about drink spillages. You can even revamp it by giving it a lick of paint. It’s strong, natural and useful – what’s not to like?

Image Credit

Small walkway barriers

You may notice these out and about at nature walks, to allow walkers to differentiate

between forest and path way, tree branches make for great garden path edgings; it adds a bit of character, and looks unique. Just tie pieces of tree branches together and place on each side of your garden path.

Homely Decors

Instead of buying new, why not make your own home decorations. Photo frames are an easy make as you just need to tie or glue the sides together – voila, you have your own natural photo frame! You can even make your own placemats and drink coasters. The great thing about wood is that it’s basically a blank canvas so you can decorate it however you want to; decoupage is a great option for decorating wood, or you may just choose to have it undecorated for a natural wooden look.

Leaf confetti

Did you know? Most confetti is made from plastic – which takes many years to break down. This is harmful to our environment and the local wildlife. So if you’re attending an event or wedding you may want to consider leaf confetti. All the need is a shape punch (cutter) and of course a lot of leaves – it’s as simple as that!

Image Credit

Trusty fire wood

The main benefit from cutting down a tree is the fire wood. If you have a log burner or an open fire place; keeping some logs from your tree aside for the winter, or even for extreme weather to make a fire will certainly keep you well prepared.

HandMade Furniture

If you are handy with DIY, you may want to create your own furniture – this could include bookcases, wine racks, or even a kitchen table. Wood is nature’s finest material, so it most definitely shouldn’t be overlooked. You might want to check out this article on different wood types for woodworking projects if you’re interested in making your own wooden furniture.

How to organised your garage

With spring rolling around, it is the perfect time to start planning for the annual spring clean in our homes and garages.

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A report in Very Well Mind suggests that clutter in our living spaces can create stress and that one-third of its readers avoid going home because of the overwhelming mess. When trying to combat clutter in your home, it can be tempting to throw it all into the garage; after all, out of sight can sometimes equal out of mind.

Your garage can be a functional storage space, but it isn’t a dumping ground. Fail to organised it well and you are failing to utilize its potential. The stress and mess will still be there, just relocated. Here are some tips on organisation your garage this spring.

Prepare well

Planning your clear-out/clean-up operation before you begin to move things ensures that the process is organised from start to finish. Before you begin, take an inventory of everything in there, separating the items into those you plan to get rid of and those you plan to keep. Then move everything out and clean the garage so that you have a fresh base to move everything back into.

Maximise space

Utilising the space inside your garage means thinking outside of the box – quite literally! – in terms of storage opportunities. Use a garage shelving UK site to find great quality wall shelving, leaving you with plenty of floor space should you still need it for parking your vehicle(s). Multiple drawer units are also useful for categorising smaller items such as tools. Before you install any shelving, ensure that you have taken the right measurements for the areas in which you would like to put them.

Image Credit

Create groups

Good organisation means being able to find something quickly when you need it. To do this, group items together and use a labelling system to identify what is where. Remember that dangerous items such as chemicals or sharp objects should be kept out of the reach of small children on high garage shelving UK. Any valuables should also be locked away in a secure cabinet.


Don’t cover up any important vents or drains with heavy units, and don’t overload your shelving. Ensure that doors can still be opened seamlessly with the new fittings installed.

Tips on How to Live a Longer Life

We always so those people who never seem to get any older. Who seem to reach a certain age and just stick.

Getting to live longer and look younger needs you to let go of some of those bad habits and start living a healthier lifestyle. Here are some tips you can try for you to live longer and get to play more online casino games or sports betting and make real money.

Eat Healthily

Living longer means that you have to let go of all that greasy salty food that you love and start making smarter food choices.

For example, we all know that too much junk food can lead to obesity which in turn can lead to your organs failing.

Also, getting morbidly obese means that you can not live a happier life. You can not easily travel and you have to constantly depend on people for everything.

Start Exercising

Exercise does not mean that you have o go to the gym and do those intense workouts. All you need to do is maybe take a little walk or jog in the morning. Or you can also try to do Yoga. Not only will exercise make you live longer, but it has also been known to be an effective way to relieve stress.

Quit Smoking

Smoking has always been linked to early deaths. According to research, people who smoke are more prone to die at an early age.

If you do not get hit by a bus, quitting smoking before you turn 35 can actually make you live 8 years longer than you would if u keep smoking.

However, it is never too late to quit smoking because you will still improve your health even if you quit in your 50s or 60s. Do something fun to forget about your addiction, as mentioned above, there are the best online sports betting sites where you can visit so that you forget about smoking. Watching your favorite sports teams play will keep your mind occupied and forget about smoking.

Be happy

A study done on 180 catholic nuns showed that those nuns who were happy at the age of 22 were more likely to live for 60 more years. So go ahead and put a smile on that face. Do not wallow in depression.


Perfect Cars For Females

Unlike men who want cars that shit their masculinity, women are all about simplicity. Men are all about big cars that speed and all. They look at a lot of things from the size even. But when it comes to women all they look for is something that looks great. Performance and other things are not really something they pay much attention to. If it was online casino games or betting odds at we would say slots are the perfect games for female players.

Audi A3

This Volkswagen group A car is the perfect vehicle for women. It is comfortable, has adjustable seats as well as steering adjustment. The car gives you much control and also it is a fuel saver. Women with moving from one place to another a fuel-economical is a great thing. Also, it is multimedia installed which makes the car organized and simple to use. Which is just perfect for females.

Mini Cooper Clubman

Even from the outlook, you can tell how cute and attractive this car is. Small, portable, and compact which is exactly what women need. Women don’t want the hustle of struggling to park which is why they prefer small and portable cars that don’t give them a hustle when it comes to parking. The car despite being small it is very spacious so no worries when it comes to grocery shopping.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

This car is suitable for both women and men and it doesn’t come cheap, that is why some people end up trying their luck on the best online sports betting sites to afford this car. The producer is known for class and luxurious cars. The reason why we could not help but add it to the list is that the car has scored highest when it comes to car crashes. This is why it is perfect for women. Both the interior and exterior are attractive making it perfect for women.

Buick Cascada

This convertible Cascada is a perfect car for women. When it comes to women we talk of weekends out with friends and all. So this car is perfect as you get to enjoy the open-air feel whilst driving to the beach with some friends. The car is small and portable but very spacious too. It is also safe.

Other Cars Perfect For Females

  • Honda HR-V
  • Honda Civic
  • Volkswagen polo
  • Mercedes Benz C-Class
  • BMW M3
The Advantages of Hybrid Sealants and Adhesives

The term hybrid has gained in popularity in recent years, largely thanks to the development of petrol/electric hybrid vehicles. But the idea isn’t just confined to cars. In fact, a hybrid can be any fusion of technology or techniques that’s used to create a more efficient or improved product.

Image Credit

In the building sector it can be used to refer to materials that combine different qualities – for example, a roof sealant that combines the best qualities of silicone and polyurethane compounds. These innovative sealants and adhesives allow materials that might not normally work well together – such as glass and concrete – to be joined successfully.

Creating Hybrids

For manufacturers of adhesives and sealants, hybrid techniques allow them to create specific material characteristics that might not otherwise have been possible. Of course, this is not really new. For many years people have been experimenting with combining materials, and there are even many examples of hybrids in the natural world – things like teeth, which are made from a combination of materials, for example.

When creating a hybrid roof sealant, the makers can aim to introduce specific characteristics. These might be, for example, to make the sealant harder-wearing or to reduce odour, improve UV resistance or to remove hazardous substances from the composition.

Image Credit

Advantages of Hybrids

In the construction industry the use of hybrid sealants and adhesives can deliver many different advantages. They can be made to resist high temperatures, for example, or to adhere without the need to apply a primer first. They can also be formulated to make life easier for the user by having a fast drying time or ensuring that they have a long shelf life before deteriorating.

There are advantages for the end user too. Hybrid sealants are greener because they can be made free from solvents, silicones and other hazardous chemicals. But they can also be made to combine characteristics such as the ease of application typically associated with silicones and the strong mechanical qualities of polyurethane. This means that there is strong demand for hybrid materials across the industry, and new ones are continually being developed and refined in order to meet the demand from the building industry for high-quality sealants and adhesives that offer top performance and optimum ease of use at an affordable price.

Summer wedding ideas that are Great for 2020

With sunshine, good company and love, what’s better than a summer wedding? Here’s a little inspiration for a memorable day.

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Outdoor catering

Summer is perfect for al fresco dining, and the smell of delicious food is sure to tempt the crowd. Hire a local ice-cream provider to give your guests a fun way to cool down, a food van for casual dining, or a pop-up popcorn stand for a retro feel.

Make it atmospheric

Delicate white lights can be hung on trellises, between trees and draped over flowers and bushes to add a gentle sparkle. Go rustic with mason jars hung from trees, or even take lighting to the maximum effect by staging a magical nighttime wedding and making the evening one to truly cherish. A bicycle or wooden archway decorated with flowers and tea light lanterns can provide a vintage backdrop for Instagram-perfect photos.

Inspired fashions

Step away from typical gowns and go vintage chic. According to the Telegraph, 5 per cent of brides are opting for secondhand or vintage dresses for their big day. Go for brighter colours for bridesmaids to make a bold statement.

Image Credit

Memorable venues

A backyard provides the perfect canvas from which to fully shape your wedding and the level of formality. Want something a little more extravagant? Consider saying your vows on a dock or overlooking glistening water on a pier, or make it a beautiful outdoor experience with a Hotel Wedding Venue in Gloucester with stunning grounds which you can view on sites including
Liven up the activities

Create your own comfortable and cosy retreat for guests with an outdoor dance floor and lawn games, such as giant Jenga or a spot of mini golf. Picnic benches and hay bales for seating can provide a rustic touch for a bite to eat or a break from the festivities.

Practical gifting

A shoe swap basket, where uncomfortable heels can be ditched in favour of flip flops, or a basket of sunglasses are token gestures that are both novel and useful.

Go out with a bang

Fireworks, sky lanterns and sparklers are a way for your guests to help give you the perfect, glittering send-off. Swap the limousine for a vintage car or even a 4×4 for a more unique exit.

Make Your Website Stand Out with these Features

If you’re looking to develop a new business website, then you’ll be carefully considering the layout, structure, design, navigation and features. This planning phase is critical and often takes some time to get right. It is also well worth carrying out research into other sites, particularly when you have competitors with an excellent online presence. Take the time to establish what exactly is making their digital assets so strong. One of the biggest things to consider is your image and if you get this wrong it can be a catastrophe. If you use a Branding Agency through sites like Branding Agency Really Helpful Marketing


Image Credit

Excellent Features for ‘Stickability’

All websites want to be ‘sticky’ for customers, meaning that they will stay on the site rather than immediately moving away elsewhere. Ideally, they will stay around long enough to carry out the intended action. This may be to sign up, register or even purchase.

The Essentials

Make sure you have clear and legible business information and a visible security accreditation that shows your website is safe. Excellent navigation is a must, as is a mobile-friendly and responsive website that can adjust to different digital devices. Customer self-service is an excellent feature, especially where the online account area is feature-rich and simple to use, and integration with social media and payment platforms are also welcomed.

If you’re looking for web designers some companies provide you with an expert team of developers who can give you specific advice about the features most valued by customers in your target market.

Hosting is also very important, as customers are rapidly turned off by a slow and unresponsive website, so invest in a good solution and consider disaster recovery too in case your digital assets are threatened in any way.

Thinking About Content

Consider content carefully as well, as most websites are ultimately content-driven, and the quality of content can be considered as a feature in itself. What will encourage your customers to come back for more? Do they want to read the latest news, opinion pieces from thought leaders, provocative copy or product updates? Do your research and invest in content production and updating, which you can share across your integrated social media channels for greater reach. Some sites go a step further and ask their customers, members or panellists to contribute content themselves. This can create a community feel and really encourage users to keep coming back for more. Remember that the key is to create genuine and sustained value via your website for the target audience.

Which Features Don’t You Need?

As any web developer will tell you, gimmicks such as music and Flash animations are unnecessary. A designer will tell you that stock images are also a no-no wherever possible. Today’s websites are largely clean and simple to use, with a lot of thought put into the navigation, structure and ease of a seamless customer journey. Keep the aesthetic pure, and use a template system wherever possible such as WordPress, as these are familiar to customers and easy to use. A good rule of thumb when considering features is to ask yourself whether or not they are essential, useful or nice to have, and then consider their usage accordingly.

What features do you value most in your favourite business websites?