Why Is Ric Flair So Respected As A Wrestler?

Richard Morgan Fliehr (who was born on 25 February 1949) is known professionally as Ric Flair. He is an American professional wrestler and is regarded by many peers and journalists as the absolute greatest professional wrestler of all time Ric Flair has had a career spanning close to 50 years.

An animated performer such as Ric Flair can’t be encapsulated in words. He’s a man of vibrant actions as well as endless sound bites. If Dean Malenko is “The Man of 1 000 Holds,” then Flair is absolute “The Man of 1 000 Faces”. Each one is more flushed red with intensity than the last.

There was a time when Flair didn’t rip through arenas like a fireball of charisma however that was before him finding his calling as “The Nature Boy.” Before stealing kisses, flying on jets, and riding in limousines, the 16-time World Heavyweight Champion was an adopted, brown-haired kid in Minnesota with a chip on his shoulder.

Ric’s Early Years

Ric was trained by Verne Gagne and he made his professional wrestling debut on 10 December 1972 appearing for the AWA. His travels took him to Japan where Ric perfected his craft while competing against the likes of Riki Choshu, Genichiro Tenryu, Jumbo Tsuruta, Harley Race as well as Kerry Von Erich.

In 1974, Ric would make his way to Jim Crockett Promotions which would ultimately become World Championship Wrestling (WCW). It is at this promotion that Ric Flair would truly become the nature boy. It was also the place where he would form one of the greatest pro-wrestling stables of all time, The Four Horsemen. Ric Flair spent most of the 1980s in WCW.

The ‘70s

Flair wrestled for the American Wrestling Association (AWA) between 1972 and 1974. Though a short stint with the AWA, Flair wrestled some prominent figures during his stay with the organization, such as Dusty Rhodes, Larry Hennig as well as Andre the Giant.

In 1974, Ric left the AWA to join Jim Crockett’s Mid-Atlantic region of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) where he would win his first singles title a year later in 1975, the NWA Mid-Atlantic TV Championship, after defeating Paul Jones.

‘80s – ‘90s

On 17 September 1981, long before the first online casino South Africa opened its virtual doors or the internet was around, Ric Flair beat Dusty Rhodes for his very first NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

In the coming years, Flair established himself as the promotion’s major franchise in the midst of evolving competition from Vince McMahon’s World Wrestling Federation (WWF). An unsanctioned title loss took place on 6 January 1983 to Carlos Colón Sr in Puerto Rico.

Flair regained the championship belt in a phantom change 17 days later that was not officially recognized by the NWA. Harley Race bagged the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in 1983 however Flair recovered the title at Starrcade in a steel cage match. Officially speaking, Flair won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship a total of eight more times.

Flair lost the title to Race and then won it back in the period of three days in New Zealand and Singapore in March 1984.

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Honouring The Best NFL Teams Of All Time

Ranking the best NFL teams of all time can be a controversial conversation. Fans and sports bettors each have their own personal favorite.

Even so, when considering crucial factors like the ultimate goal, points scored above the mean, and consistency in play, certain teams make the mark whereas others fall short.

Below are our top picks who we believe deserve the accolade of being called the greatest NFL teams of all time.

1972 Miami Dolphins

The 1972 Miami Dolphins top our list for obvious reasons.

The undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins are the only team on our list to have managed to remain at the top of the league both in terms of “points for” and “points against”.

What sets them apart even further from the rest is that they managed to remain undefeated whilst having a “backup” quarterback at the helm. With Earl Morrall leading the way, they won an incredible nine games in spectacular fashion.

What’s more, all-time greats Mercury Morris and Larry Csonka covered an astonishing 1000+ yards during the Pro Bowl of 1972. This spectacular performance placed the Dolphins at the top of the league in both yards gained and yards allowed.

1985 Chicago Bears

The choice between the 1985 Chicago Bears and the 1984 49ers for second place on our list of top NFL picks ever was a difficult one.

They emerged as NFL top dogs during two consecutive seasons, with both finishing first in points allowed and second in points scored.

The Bears finished a combined 74.9% above the mean in points scored and points against, while the 49ers followed closely on their heels with 73.1% in the same category.

The Bears’ 1984 defense came out on top with three first-team All-Pros and five Pro Bowlers.

1984 San Francisco 49ers

The 1984 49ers have got to be one of the greatest teams in the history of the NFL.

During that particular year, the 49ers placed the fewest turnovers in the league. They also managed to come in second in net yards gained compared to pass attempt ratios.

They also positively shone in terms of dominance on the rushing attack, which saw them finish second in “per rush” average and touchdowns.

2007 New England Patriots

While the 2007 New England Patriots are considered by many fans to be the best team in the history of the league, they suffered from significant performance issues during that particular year.

They did however score 69.7% more points than the league average.

Unfortunately for the Patriots of ’07, a three-point loss to the Giants tripped up their chance at immortality during the Super Bowl.

1991 Washington

The offense of the 1991 Washington was every bit as impressive as that of the 2007 New England Patriots.

Their offensive and defensive dominance made them one of the greatest NFL teams of all time.

During 1991, Washington boasted two All-Pros and six Pro Bowlers.

1975 Pittsburgh Steelers

The 1975 Pittsburgh Steelers squad boasted an incredible 11 Pro Bowlers.

While their offense was found to be seriously lacking, their defense points topped the league for that season.

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