Affordable tricks to make your house look more expensive

Have you ever entered a five-star hotel or resort and been absolutely stunned by how the place felt and looked? The first things we typically notice when entering a fancy room are crisp bedding, exquisite furniture, and a pleasant, lingering scent. If you can’t afford the luxury of getting an interior designer to do the job for you but you’d still want your own place to have the same effect on people, we’ve listed a few simple and cost-efficient ways how to make your house look better.

Give minimalism a try

Less is more when it comes to interior design, and sticking to minimalist designs will help you attain the posh, expensive image of your home. Minimalism is all about decluttering and utilizing your space effectively so that it gives you the impression of a spacious, opulent open area without being packed full of unnecessary furniture like chairs and ottomans. However, minimalism might not be the most pragmatic solution for your interior design especially if you have young children so consider it a goal to which you should aim to rather than a constant in your life.

Add drama to your home decor

When it comes to the exterior of your home, dramatic elements like those modeled after old Victorian or Gothic mansions can make a significant difference. Door knockers are a real game-changer because they give your home a vintage Hollywood movie flair. Brass or pewter Irish door knockers with classic patterns like the Claddagh ring or the Celtic knot are ideal for enhancing your entryway. Moreover, Irish door knockers offer an interesting, to say the least, first impression of the house and the people who live there, creating the appearance of a luxurious and welcoming place.

Stick to a color palette

Sticking to a color scheme that will be pleasing to the eye is the quickest approach to elevating the way your home looks. Start by choosing three colors that you like most and that will work well in your interior design. Avoid using the same color scheme throughout your home, though, as this will have the exact opposite effect and make your house appear bland and boring.  Select a few main colors for each area individually instead to allow you to experiment with ideas and decor elements. This will make your house visually appealing and make people associate it with comfort and relaxation.

Find a signature scent

Don’t forget to consider the fragrance of your home when planning the interior design because it’s just as significant as the way it looks. Scent diffusers are convenient and simple to use, but candles add another source of lighting that will enhance the appearance of the home. Search for more unique aromas that will make your guests wonder what exactly is making your home smell so good, rather than the standard vanilla or jasmine scent diffuser. Black currant, white musk, bergamot, and honeysuckle are only a few of the hundred unique perfumes you can choose from in order to make your home smell like a fancy resort.

Undeniable Proof That You Need Exterior Screens

Whether you want to reduce your heating and cooling costs, provide privacy, or block UV rays from damaging your skin, there are several reasons to install exterior screens and shades on your home. These products can make all the difference in the world! 

Reduce Heating And Cooling Bills

Installing exterior screens and shades will reduce your cooling and heating bills during the summer and winter. As a bonus, they can reduce the heat and sunlight entering your home. As a result, you can enjoy the natural warmth of summer without worrying about excessive UV rays and other insects.

Sunlight can damage your household furnishings and raise your heating and cooling bills. Installing solar shades on windows can help you lower your costs. Solar shades are inexpensive and will block a high percentage of the sun’s UV rays. You can buy these shades when you click here or from home improvement centers, and other online screen shops. They are available in many colors, including black, white, and tan. Each shade is designed to reduce heat and sunlight. The percentage of UV protection will vary based on your home’s climate. 

Block UV Rays

You can protect your home from the sun’s damaging UV rays with exterior screens or shades. There are different types of exterior shade, and some are more effective than others. Most of these shades can block up to 99% of the sun’s rays. They can be used in any part of your home, but they’re especially effective in sunrooms and patios.

Provide Privacy

If you want to improve the privacy of your home, consider installing exterior screens or shades. These screens can offer various benefits, such as UV protection and an extensive opacity range. Additionally, they can help you get the right amount of light in your home. You can opt for sheer fabrics if you’d prefer more light to come through. However, these won’t provide as much privacy as heavier fabrics do. Nevertheless, you may want a darker opacity option if your windows are in high-traffic areas.

Block Light

Exterior screens or shades are a stylish and functional way to block light. There are many different types of window treatments; some are even designed to block all sunlight. These window treatments are usually made of black material and are mounted outside the window opening. They do not cover decorative molding but offer complete coverage.

Exterior screens and shades can be woven wood, cellular, or pleated. They are also available in sheer materials. Choose the best one for the style of your home and the level of darkness you want.

Block Heat

Exterior screens or shades reduce the heat that reaches your home’s interior by blocking the sun’s rays before they reach the window. They prevent the air in your home from becoming too warm during hot summer days. They also reduce direct sunlight exposure, reducing your cooling bill by up to 80 percent. They also help reduce solar heat gain by 15 percent and can increase the comfort of your home during warm months.

Another option is shade mesh, a lightweight polyethylene fabric that can block up to 90 percent of the sun’s rays. This option is popular in hot regions and can reduce the heat in your home without reducing your view of the outside. These materials can also reduce the number of ultraviolet rays harmful to your health.

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Tips for Building Your Own Trailer Home

There are many things to consider when building a trailer home. It would help if you thought of something like location and zoning ordinances. You’ll also need to consider the materials you need for your trailer home. Finally, you might want to hire a builder to help you finish the job or know about trailers visit FEMA trailers for sale – If you don’t have the time to build your own trailer home, you can read our tips for hiring a builder.

Zoning ordinances

It would help if you considered zoning ordinances when building your own trailer home, and there are many sources for this information. First, check with your local mobile home dealer to learn about the local regulations for manufactured homes. Your mobile home dealer may have the answers to these questions and will even include the cost of permits and local fees in the total cost. Many cities require permits for single-family placements, and zoning regulations can affect your plans and location. In California, for example, you may need a license if you plan to live in a mobile home on private property.

While it may seem easy to skip zoning regulations, some states do have requirements for particular uses. For example, a travel trailer is not permitted on a paved road, and a mobile home must be stored on a concrete pad. In addition, in residential districts, a travel trailer may only be parked for twenty-four hours in thirty days. To obtain a permit for a temporary residence, you must seek a variance from the DeFuniak Springs Municipal Zoning Code. The city council and planning board must approve the conflict.

Materials needed to build a trailer home

The most expensive material to purchase for your tiny house is the trailer. Depending on your chosen style, these trailers can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. While it may be tempting to save money by buying a used trailer, you’ll risk damaging your tiny house if you choose a rusty model. A custom trailer is worth the price, as it’ll provide your home with the necessary structure and size to fit on it.

Another important consideration when purchasing a trailer home is the exterior wall material. While a few mobile homes are made from incredibly durable materials, others are not. This is especially true of the outer wall, as this is the only part of the trailer exposed to the elements. As such, it’s essential to make sure you choose materials that won’t rot or break when exposed to harsh conditions. You should also select the correct type of wood for the walls, as some trailers can have very weak framing.

Hiring a builder

When you hire a builder to build your trailer home, you sign a contract indicating the scope of work, price, and additional costs. In addition, the contract should clearly outline what to do if something goes wrong or gets delayed. A local attorney should review the agreement before you sign it. It’s also a good idea to get multiple quotes from potential builders before making a final decision.

A manufacturer usually offers different series of trailer homes with varying floor plans, such as a ranch, cape, or two-story. Each manufacturer builds to other standard specs. Some start with a basic spec and charge extra for customizing the home to your preferences. Some manufacturers have an extensive catalog of floor plans, and you can choose which ones you’d like to purchase based on the available floor plan.

The Importance of Keeping Your Gutters Clean

Keeping your gutters clean is a very important part of keeping your home safe. It is possible that all of the debris that could end up in your gutters is contributing to water damage to your home. If this is the case, it would be extremely dangerous for you to allow any of that debris to be collected in your gutter. When this happens, you could experience overflowing rainwater inside of your home, which could lead to leaks and other types of damage. Therefore, the importance of keeping your gutters clear of debris cannot be overstated. Water damage is something that will show up in a survey so consider a Building Survey Chelmsford from Sam Conveyancing when you’re looking to buy a property.

Image credit

The first step towards keeping your gutter clean is to have it cleaned out on a regular basis. This is best done before the end of the summer when it is usual for most homeowners to get their gutters cleaned out. If you do not clean your gutter out, then you will find that over time many types of debris will collect in it, which will cause more problems than you might realize. For example, leaves that fall on your roof may clog up your gutter, but if they stay in your gutters, then they can rot and make your gutter unable to work properly. Additionally, tree leaves and other forms of debris can break down the screens in your gutter, making them smaller and more easily clog.

After you have cleaned out your gutters, the next step is to protect them from further damage. For this, you will want to line them with a protective sealant. The most effective types of gutter sealants are those that contain either silicone or rubber compounds, which will adhere to the inside surface of the gutters and prevent any debris from being able to accumulate. These are especially good at preventing leaves and other types of twigs from being able to enter the gutters and clog them.

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The last step in keeping your gutters clear of debris and possible erosion is to clean them out on a regular basis. Although there is no “correct” amount of time that you should take for gutter cleaning, generally it is recommended that you clean your gutters at least once a year. In general, the more often you clean your gutters, the less likely they will become blocked with debris. At least once a year, check your gutters for debris and remove it if it becomes apparent that it has become clogged. Cleaning the gutters will also make them look much better since they will be free of the accumulation of dirt and debris.

If you follow these steps, keeping your gutters clear will be simple. It may take some time and effort to get to the point where you do not have to worry about having to clean them out, but as you can see, they are very important to have. There are many different methods that you can use to clean your gutters. No matter what method that you decide to use, remember that gutter cleaning is something that you can do yourself with a little bit of elbow grease and will make a difference in the way that your home looks.


Top HVAC trends to know

Like any other industry, the heating and ventilation sector is moving with the times. And as in other areas, the times are changing. What are some of the things that are going to be driving the HVAC industry as we move into a new decade?

Image Credit

Demographic factors

We’re getting to the point where the millennial generation is starting to influence the property market, whether as renters or buyers. This means they are increasingly becoming consumers of heating and ventilation systems, and they are increasingly involved in speccing them for the workplace, too.

Why is this important to the industry? This generation is much more aware of its environmental footprint than earlier generations. They are going to want systems that do the job effectively but use less energy in the process. That’s going to drive demand for more efficient and eco-friendly HVAC solutions.

Of course, this demographic trend also has an impact on the industry directly as the older baby boomer generation begins to retire and a new workforce comes along. This will require training in the required skills, but it will also mean a move toward more automated ‘smart’ solutions as there is likely to be a smaller skills pool available. Technology such as artificial intelligence can be used to make better use of resources and give early warning of developing issues so that they can be addressed and taken care of before they turn into major problems.

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Fuel usage

Another issue the industry needs to face changes in fuel use. There will be increasing pressure to move away from gas, but that means finding alternatives. Whether these are in the form of hydrogen boilers or geothermal heat pumps, they will present considerable challenges.

Distributing heated or cooled air shouldn’t change very much. You’ll still find spiral ducts here but fashions relating to spiral duct are shifting. The current trend is to have a spiral duct on display as an architectural feature, but in the future, we may see more demand for these components of HVAC systems to be hidden.

This highlights the need for the HVAC industry to work closely with the construction sector to incorporate the latest technologies in new builds and in refurbishments of existing properties. Alternative technologies and fuel sources will need to be considered at the design stage.


How the Trees you Chop Down can benefit you

There have been many arguments for and against chopping down trees, many against arguments being related to the effects it’s having on wildlife and deforestation –  but if you want to get rid of one nuisance tree in your garden, there are many ways you can reuse your cut down tree to make sure it doesn’t go to waste. Tree Surgeon Poole companies can make sure your tree is cut down properly and with the correct safety procedures, so don’t panic about having to do this difficult task by yourself.

The Tree Stump

Tree stumps can make for a great natural side table or garden stools – they are reliable, sturdy, and most importantly you don’t have to worry too much about drink spillages. You can even revamp it by giving it a lick of paint. It’s strong, natural and useful – what’s not to like?

Image Credit

Small walkway barriers

You may notice these out and about at nature walks, to allow walkers to differentiate

between forest and path way, tree branches make for great garden path edgings; it adds a bit of character, and looks unique. Just tie pieces of tree branches together and place on each side of your garden path.

Homely Decors

Instead of buying new, why not make your own home decorations. Photo frames are an easy make as you just need to tie or glue the sides together – voila, you have your own natural photo frame! You can even make your own placemats and drink coasters. The great thing about wood is that it’s basically a blank canvas so you can decorate it however you want to; decoupage is a great option for decorating wood, or you may just choose to have it undecorated for a natural wooden look.

Leaf confetti

Did you know? Most confetti is made from plastic – which takes many years to break down. This is harmful to our environment and the local wildlife. So if you’re attending an event or wedding you may want to consider leaf confetti. All the need is a shape punch (cutter) and of course a lot of leaves – it’s as simple as that!

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Trusty fire wood

The main benefit from cutting down a tree is the fire wood. If you have a log burner or an open fire place; keeping some logs from your tree aside for the winter, or even for extreme weather to make a fire will certainly keep you well prepared.

HandMade Furniture

If you are handy with DIY, you may want to create your own furniture – this could include bookcases, wine racks, or even a kitchen table. Wood is nature’s finest material, so it most definitely shouldn’t be overlooked. You might want to check out this article on different wood types for woodworking projects if you’re interested in making your own wooden furniture.

How to organised your garage

With spring rolling around, it is the perfect time to start planning for the annual spring clean in our homes and garages.

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A report in Very Well Mind suggests that clutter in our living spaces can create stress and that one-third of its readers avoid going home because of the overwhelming mess. When trying to combat clutter in your home, it can be tempting to throw it all into the garage; after all, out of sight can sometimes equal out of mind.

Your garage can be a functional storage space, but it isn’t a dumping ground. Fail to organise it well and you are failing to utilize its potential. The stress and mess will still be there, just relocated. Here are some tips on organizing your garage this spring.

Prepare well

Planning your clear-out/clean-up operation before you begin to move things ensures that the process is organised from start to finish. Before you begin, take an inventory of everything in there, separating the items into those you plan to get rid of and those you plan to keep. Then move everything out and clean the garage so that you have a fresh base to move everything back into.

Arrangement Of Lighting

To keep proper lighting inside the garage you can use high bay LED lights. This would be increasing the visibility inside the whole garage.

Maximize space

Utilising the space inside your garage means thinking outside of the box – quite literally! – in terms of storage opportunities. Use a garage shelving UK site to find great quality wall shelving, leaving you with plenty of floor space should you still need it for parking your vehicle(s). Multiple drawer units are also useful for categorising smaller items such as tools. Before you install any shelving, ensure that you have taken the right measurements for the areas in which you would like to put them.

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Create groups

Good organisation means being able to find something quickly when you need it. To do this, group items together and use a labelling system to identify what is where. Remember that dangerous items such as chemicals or sharp objects should be kept out of the reach of small children on high garage shelving UK. Any valuables should also be locked away in a secure cabinet.


Don’t cover up any important vents or drains with heavy units, and don’t overload your shelving. Ensure that doors can still be opened seamlessly with the new fittings installed.

A landlord’s guide to attracting the best tenants

Great tenants can help to look after your property and your bank balance, which is why it is important to make an effort to attract the best – and keep them. To do this, start by following these top tips.

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Look at the competition

Get online or talk to local agents and make sure that you are offering as good as, if not better than, the competition. Look at what tenants are getting for their money elsewhere and make sure that you are offering these features and benefits at a price that will attract the best tenants around.

Market your property

The best tenants have to know about the property you want to rent it, so get it out there. Make full use of the internet, social media, local publications, etc.

Image Credit

Be ready for viewings

Make sure that you can be as flexible as possible to accommodate viewings and be ready to sell your property and the services you can offer, such as comprehensive inventories using property inventory software from providers such as

Present well

Make sure your property is presented in the best possible way. Ensure it is clean and smell-free and that the garden is tidy and looks well-kept.

Appeal to a target market

Decide what sort of tenants you want and focus your efforts on attracting these; for example, if you are offering a professional let, make sure that you are advertising your property somewhere that the right sort of people will come across it.

Know your tenants

Get as much information as possible from prospective tenants and make sure that you check their references thoroughly. You may also need to consider your tenants’ right to rent and should always arrange for a credit check to be carried out.

Keep good tenants happy

Once you have found good tenants, try to keep them by ensuring they are happy. Carry out regular checks and keep on top of maintenance issues. Being proactive can often prevent problems from occurring and save you time and money in the long run.

Make sure that someone is available to respond to queries or issues promptly and always be willing to listen to what your tenants have to say. A good relationship can be the key to keeping great tenants in place.

House prices continue to drop in London

Sellers have been forced to slash prices

Once a buoyant market, house prices in London are continuing to drop. Average asking prices are down by just over £11,000 year on year. The largest price drops since July 2017 have been experienced by one and two-bedroom homes, which provides a vacant step on the ladder for frustrated first-time buyers.  Some house owners are using this as a reason to move out before the prices drop too far and still be able to afford a very good sized property somewhere else. With this being the case, a lot of people will be needing Conveyancing Quotes quickly to be able to get on with the process as soon as possible by visiting links such as

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And property experts are pointing out that sellers have been forced to slash prices. The cost of first-time properties has fallen 3.5% to an average of around £486,000 – that’s according to research carried out by Rightmove. The price of three and four-bedroom houses has remained unchanged at around £700,000.

The drops across the London market are a stark contrast to continued increases around the rest of the UK. Scotland has seen the highest rise at 6.7%.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS), which puts together the house price report, based on data from the Land Registry, said house prices in London have been steadily decreasing since the EU referendum in June 2016.

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Easier to sign at the touch of a button

The ONS pointed out that the average cost of a home in the UK back in March was roughly £224,000. That’s £500 less than the previous month, but £9,000 more than in March 2017.

And along with the good news that London prices are falling is the invention of Property Software which makes it easier to sign for a property at the touch of a button. The software also means that agents can schedule visits and accept viewing appointments directly from prospective buyers.

According to The Guardian research from the Institute for Fiscal Studies demonstrates how the prior surge in house prices, well above income increase, has robbed younger people of the dream to buy a home. The study shows that among 25 to 34-year-olds earning a salary of between £22,200 and £30,600 each year, ownership dropped to just 27% in 2016. That was from a massive 65% two decades ago.

The drop in London prices may be making it marginally easier to get on the ladder, but schemes such as Help to Buy really empower younger people. And last year experienced the highest number of first-time buyers since 2006 – all signs that the UK market is moving in the right direction for tomorrow’s buyers.

Why choose a statement chair?

The chairs in our house are very possibly the oldest style furniture designed for private homes. Having a place to sit and rest is important since the days of our distant ancestors, whether it be stones, wooden benches or armchairs. Chairs have been a big part of our interior design for some time now, but only the last century saw the chair revolution occur in terms of style and function.

The best seats are chairs that provide function but also the ability to amaze and entice. Designing a statement chair has become the starting point for some of the most iconic works in the world created by architects and top designers from all over the globe. Take the Eames Chair, for example, or the Egg Chair – examples of timeless style, enduring function, and amazing creativity. Find your replica of the great originals with an Egg Chair from Pash Classics

Not all chairs are made the same, and if you are in the market for a statement chair for the interior of your home, there are a number of things to consider. You want it to be the centre of attention but also to blend seamlessly and to take your room from ordinary to extraordinary without being overwhelming. Here are a few tips:

Consider the first impression

What is the first room visitors see when they enter your property? Consider whether you want the chair to be the first and last thing they see when they arrive and leave. Adding an accent chair to this space will create the most dynamic first impression.

Modern magic

The modern design of the 20th century has the cool ability to attract attention with style subtlety. Contemporary furniture, such as the Egg Chair, can be stripped back meaning space cries out for interest around it with bold prints or colours, for example.

Art Deco

This timeless decor style is still to bang on trend today, so think about including chairs with an enticing retro appeal. Art Deco is all about being unabashedly bold, with commanding and dramatic choices for every room in the house.

Image credit

Seating in the bedroom

Chairs in the bedroom can provide exceptional visual appeal and function when combined with a dressing table/dressing table. Don’t neglect to make your seat as beautiful as possible, even in a more private room at home.

Classic skin

There are many material choices when it comes to luxury chairs or statements, with bold animal prints or tiger stripes adding an interesting touch. However, there is always a place for the classic timeless leather appeal for durability, top quality, and luxurious feel.

Art with furniture

If you prefer a minimalist approach and don’t want to cover your walls with art, you can combine statement chairs to act as focal points for art. Choose a designer chair that almost feels like a statue.


Door furniture that is right for you

When it comes to home decoration/renovation, it is often the little things that make a real difference to the look or feel of your property. Something as small as a door knocker, or even a door handle, can add that extra bit of personality.

Image Credit

When choosing door furniture, the following should ideally be taken into consideration:


As attractive and quirky as an antique lock may be, it isn’t appropriate when it comes to main entrances such as front doors or the doors on outbuildings containing valuable items such as garden sheds/garages. Only a sophisticated locking system should be used on these doors. There are many locks available – some are outlined below:

Mortice locks – including mortice deadlocks, mortice deadbolts, mortice sash locks, and mortice euro locks.

Image Credit

Multi-point locking systems – these systems bolt the door into the frame and lock at multiple points just by turning one key.

Rim automatic deadlatch lock with key-locking handle – this type of lock is mounted on the inside of the door. The cylinder within the lock is directly linked to the outside keyhole, allowing secure locking from the inside.

When it comes to home burglaries, 27% involve locks being forced open, so it is vital that home security is taken seriously and not entrusted to a simple latch.

Functionality with fashion

Primarily, your door furniture must meet the needs of the room that it will be protecting. Hallway/wardrobe doors will only need a non-locking knob or lever, whereas rooms that require more privacy should ideally have a basic inward lock. There are also novelty bolts/locks available such as bathroom locks that display the classic ‘Engaged’ or ‘Vacant’ indicator. When selecting the doorknobs for your home, it is best to look at how secure they need to be and how much privacy is needed in that particular room.  You also need to think about the amount of light you want to come through your door and the size of the windowpane inside.  Do you live on the main road with lots of traffic noise because this can be vital to the decision to?
For the highest quality windows and doors with Double Glazing, Gloucester companies look at sites like

Finish with a flourish

Once you have established the purpose a door will serve and the level of security you require, you can look at the aesthetics and the price. There are dozens of different finishes available, although bear in mind that some types of finishes are not suitable for certain uses.