Tips on How to Live a Longer Life

We always so those people who never seem to get any older. Who seem to reach a certain age and just stick.

Getting to live longer and look younger needs you to let go of some of those bad habits and start living a healthier lifestyle. Here are some tips you can try for you to live longer and get to play more online casino games or sports betting and make real money.

Eat Healthily

Living longer means that you have to let go of all that greasy salty food that you love and start making smarter food choices.

For example, we all know that too much junk food can lead to obesity which in turn can lead to your organs failing.

Also, getting morbidly obese means that you can not live a happier life. You can not easily travel and you have to constantly depend on people for everything.

Start Exercising

Exercise does not mean that you have o go to the gym and do those intense workouts. All you need to do is maybe take a little walk or jog in the morning. Or you can also try to do Yoga. Not only will exercise make you live longer, but it has also been known to be an effective way to relieve stress.

Quit Smoking

Smoking has always been linked to early deaths. According to research, people who smoke are more prone to die at an early age.

If you do not get hit by a bus, quitting smoking before you turn 35 can actually make you live 8 years longer than you would if u keep smoking.

However, it is never too late to quit smoking because you will still improve your health even if you quit in your 50s or 60s. Do something fun to forget about your addiction, as mentioned above, there are the best online sports betting sites where you can visit so that you forget about smoking. Watching your favorite sports teams play will keep your mind occupied and forget about smoking.

Be happy

A study done on 180 catholic nuns showed that those nuns who were happy at the age of 22 were more likely to live for 60 more years. So go ahead and put a smile on that face. Do not wallow in depression.


Social care provision in the NHS falls short

Measures announced by the government, to give councils access to a brand new support grant for adult social care, have been welcomed by many leaders within the health service, but they do not believe it will be enough to pull the healthcare sector out of the crisis.

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The care levy and a new grant.

Sajid Javid, the communities secretary, announced that councils can apply a 3% care levy over the next two years, as well as accessing a new grant, that will come from saving on the New Homes Bonus.

These new avenues of revenue are expected to inject approximately £900m into the struggling health sector, but Stephen Dalton, the chief executive of the NHS Confederation, has explained that this will do nothing to alleviate the immediate pressures that are currently being felt this winter.

Concerns raised by key health sector figures.

Dalton acknowledges that although these new announcements are very welcome and important, they, unfortunately, don’t go far enough in addressing the deeply rooted issues facing the NHS, and he has implored the government not to ignore the concerns raised by both local government and the NHS itself.

In some places, the NHS has fallen on their waiting times, response times and appointments and in some hospitals, they are even saying people are starving to death.  A big problem when staying in your own home or local care home can be heating.  Trying to keep the residents and patients warm can be difficult especially in winter.  Getting some Aluminium Radiators UK products from sites including

The lack of adequate social care is putting more pressure on hospitals, with patients not able to be discharged even though they are ready to go home. Clinical trial services are being conducted every day to bring important new treatments to the market, only for hospitals to continue struggling because of inadequate social care provisions. Dalton is calling for an immediate review into social care’s sustainability, as well as for information on how the funding gap is going to be addressed.

Concerns raised by councils.

In its plans, the government has stated that councils will be able to raise around £208m next year and £444m in 2018/2019, by applying the social care precept. However, it has been highlighted that the councils most in need of additional funding won’t benefit as much, because many properties fall into lower taxation bands.

For a long time, it has been clear to see that consecutive governments have avoided facing the challenges presented by the health sector, and these new measures have served to emphasize the requirement for essential reforms that must ensure the sustainability of social care.

Clinical trials result in groundbreaking breast cancer gene discovery

Two research projects have resulted in groundbreaking breast cancer gene discoveries. The gene undergoing clinical trials is ESR1, which is responsible for triggering estrogen receptors (ERs) in breast cells. In order to fully assess the treatment options Paid Medical Trials may be one option that is used to provide data that can be analyzed and then reported on. Paid Medical Trials from Trials 4 Us often provide data that will either conclusive prove or disprove the advantages of using new treatments, medicines and other ways to combat diseases and illnesses.

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Research from the University of Pittsburgh reviewed mutations in the ERS1 gene between primary breast cancer tumors and metastasized breast cancer tumors, and they found that the ERS1 gene mutations further mutate in metastasis. Research from a collaboration between the University of Cambridge and the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute reviewed five different types of mutations and discovered there may be a sweet spot in ERs on healthy breast cells.

The ESR1 gene regulates the proteins designed to become ERs in breast cells. Further study of the ESR1 mutation and the added mutations could help understand which breast cancers are resistant to current treatments before they become resistant.

ERS1 Secondary Mutation

The study at the University of Pittsburgh examined the ESR1 mutation of primary breast cancer tumors and ESR1 mutation in metastasized breast cancer tumors, specifically in the brain, and determined that there were significantly more mutations in the metastasized tumors than in the primary ones. Examining the change in mutations will help scientists understand treatment resistance.

Knowing more about the ESR1 gene mutations and determining when they’re present in the body could lead to better early detection for certain types of breast cancer that are currently difficult to detect early on. This could also help develop treatments that directly address the gene mutation for better survival rates and fewer physical side effects.

ERS1 Mutation in Regulation of Estrogen Receptors

The University of Cambridge-QIMR collaboration examined mutations near or in the ESR1 gene. Comparing notes, they discovered five mutations involving the number of ERs in breast cells. Researchers determined that one of the mutations resulted in an increase in ERs or ER+ breast cancer. Examining how ERs are regulated could lead to a better understanding of how tamoxifen works in the body.

They determined that three of the mutations were connected with breast cancer where the ESR1 gene was switched off, resulting in tumors with no ERs. The final mutation is associated with the rare HER2 breast cancer, making this the first time a genetic mutation has been identified. Further clinical trials are needed to establish risk factors for HER2.

Slim and toned with new liposuction treatment

We all want to be slim and toned with a healthy, youthful physique. People punish themselves in the gym for hours to try to emulate the figures on television and magazines; however, for most people, that level of svelteness is not realistic due to stubborn fat deposits that won’t shift no matter how hard you work out. This is why people are turning to laser liposuction as a convenient, realistic and reliable alternative to endless workouts.

This new liposuction technique is a fast and safe way to remove stubborn fat deposits that stand in the way of your ideal physique; for example, fat around the stomach, thighs, buttocks, and arms can be hard to shift and many people will never be able to get rid of this type of stubborn fat. Liposuction can target these difficult areas to remove the fat and achieve a slim, toned look.

How the treatment is used

More people than ever before are turning to liposuction in an effort to achieve their ideal body shape and an article from the BBC explored the popularity of the procedure. One of the most important things to do before considering liposuction, of course, is to get as much information about the procedure as possible. The NHS explains who the ideal candidate for liposuction is, how the treatment can be used and its likely outcomes.

There are many clinics that can perform liposuction. This type is liposuction uses ultrasound to break down fat deposits in stubborn areas before they are removed using suction. Vaser targets only fat cells and does not damage surrounding tissue. As this procedure only requires local anesthetic you can return home straight afterward and continue with your normal activities in a couple of days.

Vaser only targets fat cells

Vaser is much less damaging than traditional liposuction, as it does not damage the other tissue ‒ only the fat cells. It can also target fat more successfully, ensuring the removal of the stubborn deposits that will not shift with exercise and regular fat reduction. Even the most toned and supple body shapes have some areas of fat that will never reduce, such as pockets around the upper arms and chest or ‘love handles’ around the hips. These areas are perfect for liposuction treatment.