Door furniture that is right for you

Door furniture that is right for you

When it comes to home decoration/renovation, it is often the little things that make a real difference to the look or feel of your property. Something as small as a door knocker, or even a door handle, can add that extra bit of personality.

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When choosing door furniture, the following should ideally be taken into consideration:


As attractive and quirky as an antique lock may be, it isn’t appropriate when it comes to main entrances such as front doors or the doors on outbuildings containing valuable items such as garden sheds/garages. Only a sophisticated locking system should be used on these doors. There are many locks available – some are outlined below:

Mortice locks – including mortice deadlocks, mortice deadbolts, mortice sash locks, and mortice euro locks.

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Multi-point locking systems – these systems bolt the door into the frame and lock at multiple points just by turning one key.

Rim automatic deadlatch lock with key-locking handle – this type of lock is mounted on the inside of the door. The cylinder within the lock is directly linked to the outside keyhole, allowing secure locking from the inside.

When it comes to home burglaries, 27% involve locks being forced open, so it is vital that home security is taken seriously and not entrusted to a simple latch.

Functionality with fashion

Primarily, your door furniture must meet the needs of the room that it will be protecting. Hallway/wardrobe doors will only need a non-locking knob or lever, whereas rooms that require more privacy should ideally have a basic inward lock. There are also novelty bolts/locks available such as bathroom locks that display the classic ‘Engaged’ or ‘Vacant’ indicator. When selecting the doorknobs for your home, it is best to look at how secure they need to be and how much privacy is needed in that particular room.  You also need to think about the amount of light you want to come through your door and the size of the windowpane inside.  Do you live on the main road with lots of traffic noise because this can be vital to the decision to?
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Finish with a flourish

Once you have established the purpose a door will serve and the level of security you require, you can look at the aesthetics and the price. There are dozens of different finishes available, although bear in mind that some types of finishes are not suitable for certain uses.

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