Opportunities Are coming from UberEats

First Uber took the capital by storm with its app-based taxi service, and now it intends to do the same with its new food delivery service, UberEats. This new food delivery service was launched in London on the 16th June 2016, and whilst critics claim it will need to be ‘compelling’ in order to win over customers and find a new demographic, many say that the benefits to food retailers and restaurateurs could be huge. So what are the opportunities for those in the food industry service when it comes to UberEats?

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UberEats: How It Works

UberEats offers users the chance to order directly from restaurant menus and has meals delivered to their home or office. Users can expect the food to be delivered in just over half an hour and can pay using their Uber account. Users can keep track of their delivery to with very clever technology a lot like Fleet Vehicle Tracking systems knowing exactly where their food is at any one time.  This kind of technology can be sourced from sites like https://www.vehicle-accessories.net/vehicle-tracking/fleet-tracking/.   UberEats now operates in a lot of destinations in the UK (it also already operates in Tokyo, Paris and New York).

The Opportunities

Unlike Amazon Fresh, a new service that delivers groceries, and Just Eat, a food delivery service that is associated with traditional ‘takeout’ cuisine such as Chinese, Indian, kebabs and pizza, UberEats is targeting another demographic altogether. Aiming to deliver from both chain outlets as well as independent, upscale and world-food restaurants, it will offer a slightly different service. The opportunity for many retailers is the existing market of Uber users – over two million in London alone. A trend towards convenience will hopefully prove profitable for many restaurants.

The food industry is always changing, although the demand for quality food remains the same. Whilst food manufacturers are finding ways to cut costs by buying used food processing machines. London restaurants such as Pho and Chilango are trailblazing their own path by partnering with UberEats.

The latest statistics from market research specialist IGD Shopper Vista reveal that shoppers are changing their attitudes to eating out. IGD has found that a 40% plan on cutting down on eating out – down from 46% in 2015.

Whether the UberEats service is a success remains to be seen, but it certainly will offer a new and exciting platform for city restaurants to promote their menu to an existing and profitable demographic.

House prices continue to drop in London

Sellers have been forced to slash prices

Once a buoyant market, house prices in London are continuing to drop. Average asking prices are down by just over £11,000 year on year. The largest price drops since July 2017 have been experienced by one and two-bedroom homes, which provides a vacant step on the ladder for frustrated first-time buyers.  Some house owners are using this as a reason to move out before the prices drop too far and still be able to afford a very good sized property somewhere else. With this being the case, a lot of people will be needing Conveyancing Quotes quickly to be able to get on with the process as soon as possible by visiting links such as https://www.samconveyancing.co.uk/conveyancing-quote.

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And property experts are pointing out that sellers have been forced to slash prices. The cost of first-time properties has fallen 3.5% to an average of around £486,000 – that’s according to research carried out by Rightmove. The price of three and four-bedroom houses has remained unchanged at around £700,000.

The drops across the London market are a stark contrast to continued increases around the rest of the UK. Scotland has seen the highest rise at 6.7%.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS), which puts together the house price report, based on data from the Land Registry, said house prices in London have been steadily decreasing since the EU referendum in June 2016.

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Easier to sign at the touch of a button

The ONS pointed out that the average cost of a home in the UK back in March was roughly £224,000. That’s £500 less than the previous month, but £9,000 more than in March 2017.

And along with the good news that London prices are falling is the invention of Property Software which makes it easier to sign for a property at the touch of a button. The software also means that agents can schedule visits and accept viewing appointments directly from prospective buyers.

According to The Guardian research from the Institute for Fiscal Studies demonstrates how the prior surge in house prices, well above income increase, has robbed younger people of the dream to buy a home. The study shows that among 25 to 34-year-olds earning a salary of between £22,200 and £30,600 each year, ownership dropped to just 27% in 2016. That was from a massive 65% two decades ago.

The drop in London prices may be making it marginally easier to get on the ladder, but schemes such as Help to Buy really empower younger people. And last year experienced the highest number of first-time buyers since 2006 – all signs that the UK market is moving in the right direction for tomorrow’s buyers.

Nice to have dresses for Summer

When the thermometer creeps up throughout the summer months, you are likely to be hunting around for dresses that are a little more elegant than simply throwing on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts! This truly is exactly where the summer clothing comes in. Different dress styles from a maxi to a mini are really easy to have on, offer a feminine feel, are brilliantly colored and breezy and suitable for all occasions. For these very good reasons, your cupboard should always be where you can find a wide range of summer season dresses so that you always have a dress you’ll be able to slip into for any occasion. Read more for some terrific suggestions on what type of dress variations to include in your clothing collection to accomplish that amazing chilled summertime vibe.

The Floor-Length Dress

Nearly sweeping the floor with your favorite maxi dress gives you an extraordinarily snazzy and elegant look, specifically for taller young ladies. A dress that hangs straight down does well when specifically created in a bold, color combination and matched with a stunning necklace and earrings. This style of maxi dress accommodates stilettos or flatter shoe and look best when put together with ‘a sophisticated’ makeup. For a comprehensive range of maxi dresses, take a look at www.axparis.com/collections/maxi-dresses


Sundresses are ideal for donning over a swimming costume when you visit the coastline, spending time in your garden using a sun lounger or maybe for an enjoyable night out. This expressive style of summer sundress satisfies all your summertime dress requirements. You could obtain a few sundresses in numerous styles, such as floor-length, minidresses, camisole or along with a thigh split for added sophistication?


You can customize one’s flared dress preference by picking a style that includes the particular details you like such as a flared wrap, asymmetric frill,  or long sleeve. Flares can certainly be worn on the arms, over the bust and varieties are available that are tight on top and flare out from the waistline. This means that there’s a flared dress for everyone’s body shape, covering up those parts that you don’t necessarily want on show.

The Shift Dress

For women with an apple or pear shape, the shift dress is an excellent choice. This style of dress may be discovered in an enormous number of different materials, designs, and hues, making it straightforward to find a great dress that you can fall for this summertime. The wonder of the shift dress is that it’s another simple look and feel that can be worn relaxed for the day and next glammed up for a night out on the town by adding an elegant pair of stilettos.

The Long Shirt Style

For individuals wanting to stay right at the height of fashion this summer, a shirt dress style is trending as a popular choice. Shirt style dresses are available in the market in a wide selection of fabrics, styles, and shades, which makes them truly functional for all kinds of celebration, and the ideal dress to accessorize with. They offer an effortless style and look fantastic when worn with stilettos, flatter shoes or virtually any type of footwear.


Why choose a statement chair?

The chairs in our house are very possibly the oldest style furniture designed for private homes. Having a place to sit and rest is important since the days of our distant ancestors, whether it be stones, wooden benches or armchairs. Chairs have been a big part of our interior design for some time now, but only the last century saw the chair revolution occur in terms of style and function.

The best seats are chairs that provide function but also the ability to amaze and entice. Designing a statement chair has become the starting point for some of the most iconic works in the world created by architects and top designers from all over the globe. Take the Eames Chair, for example, or the Egg Chair – examples of timeless style, enduring function, and amazing creativity. Find your replica of the great originals with an Egg Chair from Pash Classics

Not all chairs are made the same, and if you are in the market for a statement chair for the interior of your home, there are a number of things to consider. You want it to be the centre of attention but also to blend seamlessly and to take your room from ordinary to extraordinary without being overwhelming. Here are a few tips:

Consider the first impression

What is the first room visitors see when they enter your property? Consider whether you want the chair to be the first and last thing they see when they arrive and leave. Adding an accent chair to this space will create the most dynamic first impression.

Modern magic

The modern design of the 20th century has the cool ability to attract attention with style subtlety. Contemporary furniture, such as the Egg Chair, can be stripped back meaning space cries out for interest around it with bold prints or colours, for example.

Art Deco

This timeless decor style is still to bang on trend today, so think about including chairs with an enticing retro appeal. Art Deco is all about being unabashedly bold, with commanding and dramatic choices for every room in the house.

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Seating in the bedroom

Chairs in the bedroom can provide exceptional visual appeal and function when combined with a dressing table/dressing table. Don’t neglect to make your seat as beautiful as possible, even in a more private room at home.

Classic skin

There are many material choices when it comes to luxury chairs or statements, with bold animal prints or tiger stripes adding an interesting touch. However, there is always a place for the classic timeless leather appeal for durability, top quality, and luxurious feel.

Art with furniture

If you prefer a minimalist approach and don’t want to cover your walls with art, you can combine statement chairs to act as focal points for art. Choose a designer chair that almost feels like a statue.


Is Brexit sparking crisis in Food manufacturing?

With the UK leaving the EU growing ever closer, Businesses are still wondering how is this going to affect them.

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In the case of the food manufacturing sector, there is perhaps more to consider than in other areas of industry. This is not least because a majority of the UK’s food supplies are imported, a high proportion from the EU.

Imported labor

Around 40 percent of the UK’s fruit and vegetables are imported from the EU. Once they arrive in the UK we use a clever system called a vacuum conveyor that uses a high-pressure tubing system that moves food from one area of the warehouse to the next.  This is efficient, safe and hygienic for the food and the people that will be eating it. There are some companies that would really benefit from this kind of technology and some that are really doing well such as aptech.uk.com/pneumatic-conveying-systems/vacuum-conveying/.  This is unlikely to change in the short term, of course, even with Brexit, as it represents a major market for the suppliers.

More concerning, perhaps, is that much of the labor used within the UK to pick crops and pack and process food in factories comes from the EU. There are around 150,000 seasonal jobs, many filled by workers from Eastern Europe. While those permanently resident in the UK would have their right to stay protected under the Vienna convention, there would be a long-term effect on those who travel to the UK for part of the year to work and also on the available pool of labor in future years.

In terms of manufacturing, we could potentially see companies moving their operations elsewhere. While this might see a boom for food machinery auctions, its effect on the wider food industry is less rosy.

Food legislation

The other factor to consider is that much of the legislation governing food production and food safety have originated in Brussels since joining the EU. We have all heard the jokes about butter mountains and wine lakes, but the EU has a major influence on the way in which our food is produced and sold.

Much of this is now tied into UK law, of course, and it won’t change overnight. Again, any likely effect will be seen in the long term. This is a two-edged sword. While we would be free to apply different rules to import and export from elsewhere, for example, we would also need to stick to some EU rules to maintain our exports to Europe. There is no doubt that a Brexit will have a major effect on the food industry.

What makes Gloucester Great?

Gloucester is an ancient city with tons of heritage to learn and explore. This city has its foundation in Roman times and has more than 2000 years of history. Gloucester has the most inland port in the country and this area has experienced fantastic regeneration over the past few years. If you’re thinking of moving here, then you will want some tips on attractions that must be visited and events that take place in the city.

If it’s a heritage that you are looking for, then Gloucester can offer it in large quantities. Visit the Cathedral for more than 1000 years of architecture from the Norman era to this day. Harry Potter was filmed here, and you will recognize the cloisters as the Hogwarts corridor!


Gloucester is home to some great park living. Find out more about Gloucester Park Homes for Sale at http://www.parkhomelife.com/our-parks/

The remnants of The Great Witcombe Roman Villa can be reached by a short drive from the Cotswolds. This villa was built around 250 AD and you can see impressive mosaic sidewalks that have been preserved, a sign that this was once a residence for wealthy Roman families.

A trip to Gloucester will not be complete without seeing the famous Docks. A recreational cruise will take you on a trip down the canal where you can learn all about the history of the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal. The regeneration of the area has transformed abandoned warehouses into stunning retail and entertainment complexes where you will find The Quays Outlet Centre, a variety of bars and restaurants, and a sophisticated cinema. The Docks is also home to the National Waterways Museum, Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum and Antiques Centre.

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Join the Gloucester Ghost Walk and listen to some scary stories about the history of the city and explore some of the more sinister old buildings. Narrow passageways and dark secrets await you on the path of terror around the streets of this city.

Gloucester regularly holds special heritage weeks and the Tall Ship Festival takes place every two years, attracting visitors from all over the country. Happening at the end of May, the Tall Ships Festival offers many family-friendly activities and you can see pirates doing sword fights, trying various games and enjoy incredible food and entertainment. Two tall ships will also engage in pirate battle recreation with rifles and swords at the ready!

If it’s physical action you want, then take a trip to the Gloucester Ski and Snowboard Centre or try an adrenaline-fueled race at JDR Karting in the city center. You will also find the Ten Pin Bowling entertainment complex and for the braver among you, a helicopter tour is available from Staverton Airport, which is located between Gloucester and Cheltenham.

Gloucester has two further museums in the city center, the Folk Museum and the City Museum and Art Gallery. The Folk Museum is worth a visit just to see the 500-year-old Tudor building that has been preserved. Book an underground tour at the City Museum to see the Roman Eastgate Chamber. If you are lucky to book a special Saturday tour then you can be guided by Lucius Sita, the Roman soldier who lives in the museum!

Door furniture that is right for you

When it comes to home decoration/renovation, it is often the little things that make a real difference to the look or feel of your property. Something as small as a door knocker, or even a door handle, can add that extra bit of personality.

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When choosing door furniture, the following should ideally be taken into consideration:


As attractive and quirky as an antique lock may be, it isn’t appropriate when it comes to main entrances such as front doors or the doors on outbuildings containing valuable items such as garden sheds/garages. Only a sophisticated locking system should be used on these doors. There are many locks available – some are outlined below:

Mortice locks – including mortice deadlocks, mortice deadbolts, mortice sash locks, and mortice euro locks.

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Multi-point locking systems – these systems bolt the door into the frame and lock at multiple points just by turning one key.

Rim automatic deadlatch lock with key-locking handle – this type of lock is mounted on the inside of the door. The cylinder within the lock is directly linked to the outside keyhole, allowing secure locking from the inside.

When it comes to home burglaries, 27% involve locks being forced open, so it is vital that home security is taken seriously and not entrusted to a simple latch.

Functionality with fashion

Primarily, your door furniture must meet the needs of the room that it will be protecting. Hallway/wardrobe doors will only need a non-locking knob or lever, whereas rooms that require more privacy should ideally have a basic inward lock. There are also novelty bolts/locks available such as bathroom locks that display the classic ‘Engaged’ or ‘Vacant’ indicator. When selecting the doorknobs for your home, it is best to look at how secure they need to be and how much privacy is needed in that particular room.  You also need to think about the amount of light you want to come through your door and the size of the windowpane inside.  Do you live on the main road with lots of traffic noise because this can be vital to the decision to?
For the highest quality windows and doors with Double Glazing, Gloucester companies look at sites like https://www.firmfix.co.uk/.

Finish with a flourish

Once you have established the purpose a door will serve and the level of security you require, you can look at the aesthetics and the price. There are dozens of different finishes available, although bear in mind that some types of finishes are not suitable for certain uses.

Too many Sneakers?

Have you ever been called a sneakerhead? If you’re not familiar with the term, it refers to anyone who collects, loves or trades trainers or sneakers as a hobby. Someone who invests this much time in their footwear will also likely be an expert in spotting genuine brands with fakes. Being a sneakerhead shows itself in the vast collection of shoes owned, mostly from sports such as basketball and skateboarding.

You know you’re a sneakerhead when you have too many pairs to fit in your available space. Or you perhaps have so many pairs that you could use Longspan Shelving from www.rackzone.ie/pallet-racking/long-span-shelving and start your own fashion business!

This is a hobby that began in the U.S during the 1980s and can be traced to the rise of basketball superstar, Michael Jordan and his Air Jordan line of footwear released in 1985. The popularity of hip-hop combined with the love of sneakers gave rise to an entire culture. There was a huge variety of basketball footwear available from the 1980s onwards and the hip-hop music scene gave them the serious street credibility and turned them into status symbols.

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Any self-respecting collector is likely to have a pair of these:

Air Jordans

Air Force Ones

Nike Air Max

Nike Dunks

Adidas Yeezy

Those sneakers that are worth the most are limited editions or exclusive designs. Some colour schemes were only manufactured in a small number and their rarity makes them highly prized. Custom-made or hand-painted sneakers have also become highly desirable more recently. Nike, Adidas, and Reebok all have stores where you can have your sneakers tailored to your needs, including choices over lettering, materials and colours.

The whole sneakerhead culture had become a global trend by the 1990s with serious collectors attending swapmeets, special events, parties, buying online and searching for vintage pairs. Basketball and skateboarding subcultures were attracting youngsters from the U.S, Europe and emerging markets including Malaysia, India, and China.

The most highly sought-after sneakers of recent years include Nike Air Jordans, Converse, Air Yeezy, and Vans in red, black or white in honor of the old-school hip-hop era, the association with Michael Jordan and the new wave music of the late eighties.

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Now sneakerheads can make full use of the internet to source their desired footwear and rare pairs through auction and retail sites. Various shops, websites and special events give collectors access to exclusive shoes where only a small amount was ever manufactured. A mecca for sneakerheads is the Shoezeum in San Diego, a 9,000 square foot wonderland containing nothing but collector’s sneakers. For those who need some referencing for their collection and future purchases should check out Foot Locker’s website called Sneakerpedia.com for all things sneaker-related.


Come and see how Bristol Airport has grown

Serving the south-west of England and parts of Wales, Bristol airport is currently in the middle of an extensive expansion plan. Already achieving record results in terms of passenger numbers this year, the £150m improvement plan should see the total number of people using the airport rise to 10 million, and it seems that companies offering services such as Bristol airport transfers are going to be extremely busy.

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Record passenger numbers

Bristol is officially the ninth busiest airport in the United Kingdom, rising to fifth place when discounting those in London. Since 2010 Bristol is the only airport in the top ten to have seen an increase in passenger numbers every single year. As reported by Business Leader, in August 2015 Bristol airport saw its busiest ever month, with over 750,000 people passing through its gates. This record-setting total has been attributed to the enhanced flight programs now on offer at the airport.

Despite a campaign against the expansion of Bristol airport, the major improvement program was officially given the go-ahead by the authorities in 2010. Work is now already underway to extend the western terminal and this latest extension should be ready to be unveiled in the summer.

The world’s most punctual airport

The highly-ambitious expansion of Bristol airport should see the North Somerset facility increase its passenger capacity to 10 million people per year by 2030, which would see a surge in demand When you consider that it opens up access to the whole of the South West and South Midlands it makes it the primary airport for visitors to events. For example. its only 2 hours from Silverstone and the British Grand Prix. Making the most of a trip there via F1 Paddock Club Britain and some hospitality with edge global events certainly helps.


Currently servicing just over six million passengers per year, Bristol would leapfrog both Birmingham and Glasgow in the league table of the UK’s largest airports if it hit its 10 million target; however, this would be assuming that both Birmingham and Glasgow did not also increase their passenger numbers in the same time period, which is a highly unlikely scenario.

Already officially ranked as the world’s most punctual airport in 2015, the expansion and modernization program currently underway at Bristol should see the Somerset airport improve its services still further. A bright future seems to be assured for Bristol airport.

Clinical trials result in groundbreaking breast cancer gene discovery

Two research projects have resulted in groundbreaking breast cancer gene discoveries. The gene undergoing clinical trials is ESR1, which is responsible for triggering estrogen receptors (ERs) in breast cells. In order to fully assess the treatment options Paid Medical Trials may be one option that is used to provide data that can be analyzed and then reported on. Paid Medical Trials from Trials 4 Us often provide data that will either conclusive prove or disprove the advantages of using new treatments, medicines and other ways to combat diseases and illnesses.

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Research from the University of Pittsburgh reviewed mutations in the ERS1 gene between primary breast cancer tumors and metastasized breast cancer tumors, and they found that the ERS1 gene mutations further mutate in metastasis. Research from a collaboration between the University of Cambridge and the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute reviewed five different types of mutations and discovered there may be a sweet spot in ERs on healthy breast cells.

The ESR1 gene regulates the proteins designed to become ERs in breast cells. Further study of the ESR1 mutation and the added mutations could help understand which breast cancers are resistant to current treatments before they become resistant.

ERS1 Secondary Mutation

The study at the University of Pittsburgh examined the ESR1 mutation of primary breast cancer tumors and ESR1 mutation in metastasized breast cancer tumors, specifically in the brain, and determined that there were significantly more mutations in the metastasized tumors than in the primary ones. Examining the change in mutations will help scientists understand treatment resistance.

Knowing more about the ESR1 gene mutations and determining when they’re present in the body could lead to better early detection for certain types of breast cancer that are currently difficult to detect early on. This could also help develop treatments that directly address the gene mutation for better survival rates and fewer physical side effects.

ERS1 Mutation in Regulation of Estrogen Receptors

The University of Cambridge-QIMR collaboration examined mutations near or in the ESR1 gene. Comparing notes, they discovered five mutations involving the number of ERs in breast cells. Researchers determined that one of the mutations resulted in an increase in ERs or ER+ breast cancer. Examining how ERs are regulated could lead to a better understanding of how tamoxifen works in the body.

They determined that three of the mutations were connected with breast cancer where the ESR1 gene was switched off, resulting in tumors with no ERs. The final mutation is associated with the rare HER2 breast cancer, making this the first time a genetic mutation has been identified. Further clinical trials are needed to establish risk factors for HER2.

How to Design Your Office for Maximum Productivity

When we look for ways to increase productivity in the office, we often think of methods such as automation advances that save time, focusing strategies, and so on. Recently, however, research has shown that office design has a huge impact on how much gets done. Here are five tips for how to design your office for maximum productivity.

  1. Stop thinking “open” and start thinking “variety”

So, it transpires that the open office plan isn’t all it was cracked up to be. Open-plan offices are actually associated with a decrease in employee satisfaction and lower productivity, increased levels of stress and tiredness, and higher numbers of sick days. Basically, just a bad idea for all involved. To overcome these issues, companies are moving more towards variety. It is recommended to identify the kind of activities your employees are undertaking and then create spaces specifically for those activities. You can discuss this with Office Fit-out Companies like mobiusatwork.co.uk/

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  1. Improve the lighting

Working is no good if you can’t see what you’re doing and bad lighting can lead to eye strain, excessive tiredness, headache, and anxiety, as well as many other issues mentally and physically. An easy solution is to make the lighting better in the workplace. The best light is natural light, so see if you can increase this as natural light boosts mood, focus, and health. If you can’t position everyone by a window, put in indirect lighting, which is highly illuminating but won’t cause strain to your eyes.

  1. Raise the ceilings

If you are designing a new office space or are planning a renovation, think about making the ceilings higher. Numerous studies have documented that workers prefer a ceiling that is around 10 feet in height as this can aid more creative and free-thinking.

  1. Repaint but don’t choose white

Colour has a major impact on our emotions and our productivity, but white is one of the worst colours to use for worker productivity. Similar to providing a variety of workspaces, provide a variety of colour environments tailored for different activities. Research links green to creativity and blue to productivity. Red is great for those who are detail-oriented but does reduce the ability to think analytically and everyone dislikes yellow!

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  1. Keep the noise down

Noise is probably the biggest moaning point among office workers, particularly those in open-plan spaces. Research has connected excessive noise to low productivity, an increase in illness, higher stress, worse job satisfaction, and other negative results. Consider the application of sound-cancelling systems to rid the office of undesirable noise by sending out the noise that is designed to cover up speech. If you’re unable to do this, you could distribute noise-cancelling headphones to staff.

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