Must-haves for an unforgettable picnic

The sun shines through the louvers of your office window and you are starting to think about the perfect weekend escapade, away from the city and the sound of fingers pressing keyboards. You feel the need for sunshine dripping on your skin and hearing your friends laugh.

We have the perfect idea for you! As June really starts to make its presence felt everywhere and everyone is craving reconnection with nature, enjoy the warm and sunny days with an unforgettable picnic. The first ingredients for a great experience are your dear ones, but if you really want to upgrade and impress everyone, we prepared the complete list of must-haves for an unforgettable picnic!

1. A picnic basket

The classic symbol of a picnic, a knitted basket comes with two main features: it will make you feel like in a fairytale or American 60s movie and it is extremely practical, created with compartments for the easy transportation of everything you need, from napkins to food, to cutlery and dishes. You don’t have one and don’t know where to get it on such short notice? Our honest advice would be to just ask grandma, she will surely be able to help you out!

2. A good cardigan or sweater

Although it’s sunny and hot throughout the day, temperatures can drop quite drastically in the evening, so you might wanna pack something warm, but still breathable enough to keep you comfortable. A perfect choice to keep you warm and dry would be an Irish made sweater for ladies, which is ideal- that is why it is the favorite choice of Irish people! Such a garment is made of 100% Merino Wool, which will not only protect you from the cold on crisp summer evenings, but it also provides comfort, feeling like a toasty hug.

3. Your favorite snacks and drinks

Speaking of food, connection with nature is great, but a pack with your favorite snacks and drinks will make the experience 10 times better. Due to the warm weather, we recommend grabbing fruits, such as strawberries, blueberries or watermelon, to keep you hydrated and refreshed. Don’t forget to grab some bottles of water as well and maybe one or two ice packs!

 4. Sunscreen

An entire day spent in the sun sounds amazing, especially after so many months of cold or rainy weather, but you won’t be able to fully enjoy it if you get a sunburn! For that, a tube of sunscreen is the first thing you should pack, preferably with SPF 50 protection. And don’t forget to reapply it every two hours!

5. Your phone/camera

We know that the entire purpose of this escapade is just enjoying quality time with your friends in nature, away from the quotidian problems and all that technology, but it is guaranteed that you will not regret bringing your phone or the camera. Picnics come with adorable setups, great lighting and if your group prefers it, cute outfits – the perfect scenery for a photoshoot! Even if you don’t want to spend all the time and energy on a full photoshoot, you will still be pleased with a few pictures, just for the memories!

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A good picnic throw

Laying on the grass sounds dreamy, but in order to avoid any unpleasant situation (such as wet grass, staining your clothes, or having an unsolicited date with a bug), we recommend bringing a good-quality picnic throw. Make sure it is big enough to fit your entire group of friends on it!

Now that you found out all of our secrets for the perfect picnic, grab your phone and call all your friends to let them know! Have a great weekend and an unforgettable summer!

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Why is RTMP Used in Live Streaming?

What is RTMP? It is a standard for high-performance transmission of video and audio data. It achieves low latency by creating multiple virtual, addressable streaming channels. However, the protocol requires more bandwidth than the video bitrate to work. In this article, you’ll find RTMP streaming: the real time messaging protocol explained. Its low-latency performance is crucial in live streaming. Here are some of the reasons why RTMP is used for live streaming.


RTMP is a high-performance transmission of audio and video data

RTMP is a protocol that allows broadcasters to encode and transmit audio and video data. This protocol enables the simultaneous delivery of multiple audio and video formats. It also supports a range of media formats. For live streaming, it can be used to encapsulate audio and video. It also allows remote procedure calls. If you’re unsure what RTMP is and how it works, look at the RTMP specifications.

RTMP was created to provide high-performance audio and video data transmission over the Internet. It was originally a proprietary protocol but is now available as an open specification. The protocol can be used for both live streaming and adaptive bitrate streaming. With a high-quality video stream, users can adjust their streaming quality accordingly and seek later parts of the video without experiencing any lag. The open-source protocol supports several video and audio formats.


It achieves low latency.

Live auctions and video games require lag-free real-time streaming to give viewers the best possible experience. The lag caused by a live video feed can interfere with the gameplay and ultimately affect the user’s experience. Moreover, ultra-low-latency streaming is vital for financial trading platforms and high-stakes auctions. Whether it’s a real-time trade or a bidding battle, even fractions of a second can cost billions of dollars.

The amount of latency in a live streaming video depends on many factors. One of them is the bandwidth available for the broadcast. A larger bandwidth means fewer congestion and faster data travel. Another factor affecting latency is the connection type. For example, optical fibers transmit video more quickly than wireless Internet. Another important factor is the encoder. A good encoder will ensure that the video is transmitted with the least latency.


It creates multiple virtual, addressable streaming channels.

RTMP is a protocol that enables real-time audio, video, and data distribution over the Internet. Its major use is video streaming and the H.264 codec for video coding. Video data is large, and RTMP chops it into small, addressable chunks to provide the whole picture. The protocol is easy to implement and provides secure streaming through cloud-based services.

To broadcast your content to multiple RTMP streams, you must ensure that your encoder supports the required format. In general, RTMP is compatible with most media types, but if your audience is based outside the United States, you may experience bandwidth problems. 

The RTMP protocol is based on the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), which facilitates data exchange. An RTMP stream relies on a three-way handshake to establish a reliable connection. The first handshake enables the initiator to request the server to establish the connection. After the second and third handshake, the connection is secure and reliable. RTMP streams are also known as video contributions. It is because they transfer video between an encoder and server. An RTMP live stream transmits data between a server and a video device with a Flash player.


It requires higher bandwidth than video bitrate.

While RTMP is widely used for live streaming, this technology is not yet compatible with mobile devices. RTMP protocol can transport video and audio data between dedicated streaming servers. It worked great initially but fell by the wayside as new technologies such as adaptive bitrate streaming and open standards gained more traction. Although RTMP is not as popular as it once was, it still has a place in today’s technology solutions. RTMP also supports Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology and low latency features, which makes it an excellent choice for streaming video and audio.

However, the most significant drawback of RTMP is that it is not compatible with mobile devices. While HTML5 and Flash players support RTMP, the Apple ecosystem does not. Consequently, RTMP streams cannot be played on iOS or macOS devices. Moreover, RTMP requires much higher bandwidth than video bitrate. For this reason, it is important to know whether the device you’re planning to use supports RTMP.

Tips For Getting Ready For A Tour With Kids

Pre-booking everything ahead of time is a must. It’s also helpful to buy a paper map and camera with special features for kids. In addition, bringing comfort items and a kid’s book can help you keep kids entertained throughout the trip. During your tour, keep these tips in mind.

Pre-booking everything

If you are traveling with children, pre-booking everything in advance is a great way to make your trip smoother. You will spend less time packing, carry less baggage, and have more room for souvenirs. Sea World San Antonio is a must-visit attraction. Not only should you pre-book your flights, but you should also pre-book your lodgings. It will prevent you from fighting over a reservation on the spot. In addition, it is much better to have a printed agenda so you won’t have to worry about what your kids want to do when they get to your destination.

Buying a paper map

Buying a paper map for a family tour can be the perfect way to keep track of your itinerary without using a smartphone. However, a cell phone can get a bit confusing. It can get stuck in one place, run out of battery, or get wet. Fortunately, paper maps don’t have all these problems and can be a great backup plan. In addition to being durable, a paper map is also a good way to teach kids the basics of map reading, which will be an important skill when traveling in an unfamiliar area.

Buying a paper map for a family tour will teach kids to recognize and interpret symbols. Developing this skill is an essential part of growing up. When kids use paper maps, they learn to recognize their neighborhood and its surroundings. They’ll also learn to navigate independently, which fosters a free-range approach. Then, after a family tour, they can look back at their travel map to plan their next adventure.

Having a camera designed specifically for kids

If your child loves to take pictures, you may want to get a camera designed for kids. These cameras offer high-quality pictures and HD video. However, they can run out of internal memory rather quickly, so a parent should be able to assist their child with downloading photos and videos. Moreover, they should be sturdy and easy to use, as children will view them as toys. Fortunately, there are cameras designed especially for young photographers that provide simple controls and are durable enough to withstand the unruly behavior of small children.

Having a camera designed especially for kids will give your child a sense of direction and can guide him to study things in more detail. It can also open up new areas of interest, like wildlife or plants. For example, if your child is fascinated with insects, a camera can help him learn more about their life cycle and other related information. With a camera, they will become more interested in other insects, flora, and animals that surround them.

Having a comfort item

Whether you are on tour with kids or not, it helps to have something familiar to help ease anxiety before a big event. A favorite teddy bear or a stuffed animal can make your child feel at ease while traveling. It can also help them relax on the plane. Kids may also bring their favorite stuffed animal or another comfort item. You can experiment with the comfort item and find out what your kids prefer.

Comfort items are also known as loveys and transitional objects. These items help children transition from being dependent to independent. Whether it’s a threadbare teddy or a satin handkerchief, many children have a favorite item that makes them feel secure and safe. 

Having a camera

Having a camera while on tour with your kids can be a great way to document their adventures. Kids have an amazing way of seeing the world. They stop to smell the roses and see shapes and animals. They play hide and seek and make-believe. The pictures that result will be interesting for both you and your children. In addition to taking fascinating pictures, kids have unique observation skills that can help them take better pictures.

A kid’s camera is going to need some protection against rough use. Your kid will likely drop it or scratch it. If your child is using the camera for the first time, consider getting a camera with a waterproof case and an extended warranty. A waterproof camera will be more resistant to drops, and it may even be shockproof and freeze-proof. A durable camera will also last longer than a cheap model.

The Most Iconic Birthday Traditions

Birthdays are an important day in every life because it is when a person celebrates their presence here on Earth. So, what kind of traditions do people have surrounding this holiday? It all depends on the culture, religion, and background that makes any given birthday unique. Some are so iconic to the extent that they feature as themes in clothing, art, and even games at online casinos. In fact, there are so many different types of celebrations, that it can be quite difficult to find just one. Let us help you out by giving you some of the most iconic ones!


The United States

One of the most popular ways of celebrating birthdays in the U.S. is through cake-cutting ceremonies. When people get up and sing Happy Birthday to a friend or family member, he/she will cut his/her slice into pieces, and then each person will take one piece. By doing this, everyone involved gets to eat part of the cake at once.


Some people like to share the joy of another’s birthday by having some chocolate cake. However, it doesn’t stop there; after eating the cake, families go outside and blow candles on each other’s heads in honor of the occasion.


Usually, when people are leaving work, they ask if anyone wants to celebrate someone’s birthday. Then, they invite them over to where they live to have tea. After the tea is served, the guests sit down together and enjoy singing happy birthday songs as well as dancing around the room. This tradition has been going on since the 1600s and still continues today.


Italians love celebrating birthdays with food! They gather together and spend the entire night making treats, such as cannoli filled with cream cheese. They also make ice-cream cake and serve it to their friends and family on their birthdays.


As soon as French people wake up in the morning, they immediately light two candles which represent the number seven and number five. They say that these numbers stand for the sun and moon, symbols of good luck and happiness. Then, they place the burning candles between the fingers of both hands and rub them against each other.


If you’re planning a special celebration, then don’t forget about your loved one’s favorite meal! Take her/him to a restaurant or cooking class and teach him/her how to make the dish. Make sure that the person who you want to be honored knows this for his/her own special day! Happy Birthday!

The Very Best of Keanu Reeves

Who is Keanu Reeves? If you haven’t heard of him before, then prepare to become a fan after watching his movies. He has earned millions of dollars from the box office each year since his debut in 1989.

Keanu Reeves was born in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. His first film was a movie called “The Best Man”, which he co-wrote and starred in. The next year, Reeves wrote and directed his first feature film, “Street Smart”. In 1990, he did another blockbuster hit movie called “The Hard Way”. After that, he went on to direct and star in a series of movies such as “Bad Boys”, “City Heat”, and “Menace II Society”. All these movies were profitable at the box office.

Reeves’ movies are funny and entertaining. From the start, they portray characters who never give up no matter what happens to them. They also show how life in the hood really is.

Best Keanu Reeves Movies to Watch Now

1. John Wick

In John Wick, John Wick (played by Keanu Reeves) is forced by the criminal underworld to take revenge for the murder of his dog. This led him to become an assassin. When it comes to fighting criminals, John Wick is one of the best. His skills include martial arts, magic, guns, knives, throwing stars, cars, motorcycles, speed skating, sword fighting, and many other weapons. By taking down his targets, he proves his worth as an elite killer. If you are not into movies, you can check out the best online casino sites for casino games.

2. Point Break

The plot revolves around a group of bank robbers who plan to rob $150 million. One of the members of this gang is Johnny Utah (played by Keanu). As a member of the FBI’s Point Break unit, Utah gets involved in the investigation of the case. He works with Patrick Swayze and Dwayne Johnson. Together, they search for the killers through different techniques. Their goal is to find out who’s behind this big crime. Eventually, they discover that their target is none other than the U.S Secret Service.

3. Speed

In Speed, Keanu Reeves plays a high-speed car racer. A police officer, played by Sandra Bullock, tries her best to keep track of him. She gives chase when she sees that he’s speeding, but soon realizes that nothing will stop him from racing off. Not even she can catch him.