Worst Smartphone to Ever Be Created

Smartphones have become essential tools for us. They allow us to communicate, send texts, take photos, record videos, play games, listen to music, check our emails, share information, etc. There are also several other ways they help us out. When smartphones became mainstream, people started to get addicted to them. This has caused many smartphone manufacturers to release phones that can satisfy the desires of consumers. One such phone was released in 1997 by Nokia called N-Gage.

The phone was a gaming console that came equipped with a camera, MP3 player, Bluetooth support, Java programming language support, etc. Although it had some great features, the phone never took off, and it eventually shut down operations in 2007. Nowadays, smartphones are much better than their predecessors from a design perspective. However, we need to share some of the worst smartphones to ever be created.

Worst Smartphone to Ever Be Created

1. Energizer Power Max P18K

Released back in 1998, this smartphone lasted about 5 minutes before its battery drained completely. It had an 800 x 480-pixel display and could do the basic functions like making calls, sending text messages, using the Internet, downloading apps, playing games, and even taking pictures. The phone was so bad that it was sold at very low prices just because of how short its life span is. If you are into casino games, the best australia online casino advises you to rather buy a recent smartphone that is compatible with casino games.

2. Nokia 5110 XpressMusic

This phone was one of the first touchscreen phones made. While having a 3.5-inch touch screen, the phone weighed only 0.8 pounds! That’s almost half the weight of today’s flagship devices. A speaker on the side played music while a stylus was used to write on the screen. The phone could be controlled via voice commands or buttons on the sides of the device. It was also able to create “picture messages” which were basically digital stickers. Unfortunately, the phone wasn’t popular enough to gain traction.

3. Motorola Dragonball Z (Droid 2)

This Android-powered mobile phone was released in 2010. Its highlight is the addition of a transparent front that allows for external speakers. Sadly, most media reviews considered the phone to be slow and underpowered. In fact, Engadget gave it 1/10 saying: “Motorola’s Droid 2 is not really a good choice if you’re looking for something speedy.” Another downside is that it does not run Ice Cream Sandwich, but rather Gingerbread, which is pretty disappointing.


Make Your Website Stand Out with these Features

If you’re looking to develop a new business website, then you’ll be carefully considering the layout, structure, design, navigation and features. This planning phase is critical and often takes some time to get right. It is also well worth carrying out research into other sites, particularly when you have competitors with an excellent online presence. Take the time to establish what exactly is making their digital assets so strong. One of the biggest things to consider is your image and if you get this wrong it can be a catastrophe. If you use a Branding Agency through sites like Branding Agency Really Helpful Marketing


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Excellent Features for ‘Stickability’

All websites want to be ‘sticky’ for customers, meaning that they will stay on the site rather than immediately moving away elsewhere. Ideally, they will stay around long enough to carry out the intended action. This may be to sign up, register or even purchase. http://mashable.com/2012/02/09/website-must-haves/

The Essentials

Make sure you have clear and legible business information and a visible security accreditation that shows your website is safe. Excellent navigation is a must, as is a mobile-friendly and responsive website that can adjust to different digital devices. Customer self-service is an excellent feature, especially where the online account area is feature-rich and simple to use, and integration with social media and payment platforms are also welcomed.

If you’re looking for web designers some companies provide you with an expert team of developers who can give you specific advice about the features most valued by customers in your target market.

Hosting is also very important, as customers are rapidly turned off by a slow and unresponsive website, so invest in a good solution and consider disaster recovery too in case your digital assets are threatened in any way.

Thinking About Content

Consider content carefully as well, as most websites are ultimately content-driven, and the quality of content can be considered as a feature in itself. What will encourage your customers to come back for more? Do they want to read the latest news, opinion pieces from thought leaders, provocative copy or product updates? Do your research and invest in content production and updating, which you can share across your integrated social media channels for greater reach. Some sites go a step further and ask their customers, members or panellists to contribute content themselves. This can create a community feel and really encourage users to keep coming back for more. Remember that the key is to create genuine and sustained value via your website for the target audience.

Which Features Don’t You Need?

As any web developer will tell you, gimmicks such as music and Flash animations are unnecessary. A designer will tell you that stock images are also a no-no wherever possible. Today’s websites are largely clean and simple to use, with a lot of thought put into the navigation, structure and ease of a seamless customer journey. Keep the aesthetic pure, and use a template system wherever possible such as WordPress, as these are familiar to customers and easy to use. A good rule of thumb when considering features is to ask yourself whether or not they are essential, useful or nice to have, and then consider their usage accordingly.

What features do you value most in your favourite business websites?

How Can Robotics and Automation Benefit the Packaging Industry?

Automating elements of the packaging and production process can offer advantages to manufacturers and suppliers. It enables them to reduce the number of employees and speed up the system, bringing cost savings and improved efficiency. This enables customers to receive their goods faster and at a lower price. There is now a wide range of automatic and semi-automatic equipment available, including packaging wrappers. However, there are still some within the industry who are skeptical about the benefits of automation.

Cost Savings

Before automatic systems are introduced into a business, it is often thought that they are too expensive to be of significant benefit. If you look across the life of the equipment, though, it can actually save money. This type of equipment will typically require less maintenance than a manually operated device, reducing the cost of repairs and the amount of downtime. There will also be savings relating to manpower and the space that is required to carry out the task. With these savings in mind, automatic equipment is becoming more prevalent in a range of industries, particularly in the food sector. This area now accounts for 20% of the robotic machinery that is purchased.


Speed is one of the main advantages of automatic packaging equipment, including packaging wrappers. As the process can be carried out without human power, there is no need to take account of the speed of the person or allocate break times. The machinery used can also carry out tasks involving weights or lifting faster and more efficiently than a person could. For instance, an automatic pallet machine could lift a 50lb product 25 times each minute, which would be unachievable manually.

Easy to Integrate

Another issue that companies have with automatic equipment is that is difficult to integrate with existing machinery. However, packaging equipment can easily be fitted into an existing production line. Once the machinery is installed, the process will seamlessly run from one section to the next, taking the product from its raw state to being fully packaged and ready for distribution.

With these features, automatic equipment can provide significant benefits for the packaging industry. By implementing a quicker and more efficient system, the work can be carried out smoothly and at a reduced cost.

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