Worst Smartphone to Ever Be Created

Worst Smartphone to Ever Be Created

Smartphones have become essential tools for us. They allow us to communicate, send texts, take photos, record videos, play games, listen to music, check our emails, share information, etc. There are also several other ways they help us out. When smartphones became mainstream, people started to get addicted to them. This has caused many smartphone manufacturers to release phones that can satisfy the desires of consumers. One such phone was released in 1997 by Nokia called N-Gage.

The phone was a gaming console that came equipped with a camera, MP3 player, Bluetooth support, Java programming language support, etc. Although it had some great features, the phone never took off, and it eventually shut down operations in 2007. Nowadays, smartphones are much better than their predecessors from a design perspective. However, we need to share some of the worst smartphones to ever be created.

Worst Smartphone to Ever Be Created

1. Energizer Power Max P18K

Released back in 1998, this smartphone lasted about 5 minutes before its battery drained completely. It had an 800 x 480-pixel display and could do the basic functions like making calls, sending text messages, using the Internet, downloading apps, playing games, and even taking pictures. The phone was so bad that it was sold at very low prices just because of how short its life span is. If you are into casino games, the best australia online casino advises you to rather buy a recent smartphone that is compatible with casino games.

2. Nokia 5110 XpressMusic

This phone was one of the first touchscreen phones made. While having a 3.5-inch touch screen, the phone weighed only 0.8 pounds! That’s almost half the weight of today’s flagship devices. A speaker on the side played music while a stylus was used to write on the screen. The phone could be controlled via voice commands or buttons on the sides of the device. It was also able to create “picture messages” which were basically digital stickers. Unfortunately, the phone wasn’t popular enough to gain traction.

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3. Motorola Dragonball Z (Droid 2)

This Android-powered mobile phone was released in 2010. Its highlight is the addition of a transparent front that allows for external speakers. Sadly, most media reviews considered the phone to be slow and underpowered. In fact, Engadget gave it 1/10 saying: “Motorola’s Droid 2 is not really a good choice if you’re looking for something speedy.” Another downside is that it does not run Ice Cream Sandwich, but rather Gingerbread, which is pretty disappointing.


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