How to organised your garage

How to organised your garage

With spring rolling around, it is the perfect time to start planning for the annual spring clean in our homes and garages.

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A report in Very Well Mind suggests that clutter in our living spaces can create stress and that one-third of its readers avoid going home because of the overwhelming mess. When trying to combat clutter in your home, it can be tempting to throw it all into the garage; after all, out of sight can sometimes equal out of mind.

Your garage can be a functional storage space, but it isn’t a dumping ground. Fail to organise it well and you are failing to utilize its potential. The stress and mess will still be there, just relocated. Here are some tips on organizing your garage this spring.

Prepare well

Planning your clear-out/clean-up operation before you begin to move things ensures that the process is organised from start to finish. Before you begin, take an inventory of everything in there, separating the items into those you plan to get rid of and those you plan to keep. Then move everything out and clean the garage so that you have a fresh base to move everything back into.

Arrangement Of Lighting

To keep proper lighting inside the garage you can use high bay LED lights. This would be increasing the visibility inside the whole garage.

Maximize space

Utilising the space inside your garage means thinking outside of the box – quite literally! – in terms of storage opportunities. Use a garage shelving UK site to find great quality wall shelving, leaving you with plenty of floor space should you still need it for parking your vehicle(s). Multiple drawer units are also useful for categorising smaller items such as tools. Before you install any shelving, ensure that you have taken the right measurements for the areas in which you would like to put them.

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Create groups

Good organisation means being able to find something quickly when you need it. To do this, group items together and use a labelling system to identify what is where. Remember that dangerous items such as chemicals or sharp objects should be kept out of the reach of small children on high garage shelving UK. Any valuables should also be locked away in a secure cabinet.


Don’t cover up any important vents or drains with heavy units, and don’t overload your shelving. Ensure that doors can still be opened seamlessly with the new fittings installed.

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