The Most Iconic Birthday Traditions

The Most Iconic Birthday Traditions

Birthdays are an important day in every life because it is when a person celebrates their presence here on Earth. So, what kind of traditions do people have surrounding this holiday? It all depends on the culture, religion, and background that makes any given birthday unique. Some are so iconic to the extent that they feature as themes in clothing, art, and even games at online casinos. In fact, there are so many different types of celebrations, that it can be quite difficult to find just one. Let us help you out by giving you some of the most iconic ones!


The United States

One of the most popular ways of celebrating birthdays in the U.S. is through cake-cutting ceremonies. When people get up and sing Happy Birthday to a friend or family member, he/she will cut his/her slice into pieces, and then each person will take one piece. By doing this, everyone involved gets to eat part of the cake at once.


Some people like to share the joy of another’s birthday by having some chocolate cake. However, it doesn’t stop there; after eating the cake, families go outside and blow candles on each other’s heads in honor of the occasion.


Usually, when people are leaving work, they ask if anyone wants to celebrate someone’s birthday. Then, they invite them over to where they live to have tea. After the tea is served, the guests sit down together and enjoy singing happy birthday songs as well as dancing around the room. This tradition has been going on since the 1600s and still continues today.

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Italians love celebrating birthdays with food! They gather together and spend the entire night making treats, such as cannoli filled with cream cheese. They also make ice-cream cake and serve it to their friends and family on their birthdays.


As soon as French people wake up in the morning, they immediately light two candles which represent the number seven and number five. They say that these numbers stand for the sun and moon, symbols of good luck and happiness. Then, they place the burning candles between the fingers of both hands and rub them against each other.


If you’re planning a special celebration, then don’t forget about your loved one’s favorite meal! Take her/him to a restaurant or cooking class and teach him/her how to make the dish. Make sure that the person who you want to be honored knows this for his/her own special day! Happy Birthday!

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