Unique Souvenir Ideas from Popular European Destinations

Unique Souvenir Ideas from Popular European Destinations

Traveling is always exciting, especially if you’ve looked forward to your trips for a long time or if it’s your first time flying overseas. One of the best ways to remember your vacation is by getting souvenirs that will remind you of your experiences abroad. However, although there are plenty of shops and markets where you can choose the keepsakes, sometimes it can get challenging to decide what exactly you’d like to bring back home and you end up getting the same basic fridge magnets or keychains that inevitably end up in the trash in a year or two. This time we’re here to help and give you some ideas for memorabilia that you can buy while visiting some of the most popular European destinations.


France is one of the most visited countries not only in Europe, but in the whole world and summer is the perfect time to go there and enjoy a walk on the Champs Elysees. French wine is without a doubt the most famous souvenir you can get no matter if you’re a true connoisseur who has a large collection of bottles back home or you’re a regular drinker who enjoys trying different local beverages. Food is another wonderful option to get while there, especially the iconic French cheeses such as Brie or Camembert which have a rich, delicious taste that doesn’t compare to the ones that we have in the States. Last but not least, Paris has been considered the fashion capital of the whole world ever since the 16th century, so it would be a crime to visit the country without getting something to add to your wardrobe. Apart from the famous brands and designers, there are plenty of vintage shops with unique dresses, suits, and accessories that will make the perfect souvenir for you or a loved one.

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Ireland is the perfect destination for those who are fond of history, natural landscapes, and ancient castles and there are lots of keepsakes that this country has to offer for its visitors. First, of course, the iconic Irish alcoholic beverages like whiskey and the Guinness stout. They are widely available in any market, but you can also get them at a brewery or distillery if you decide to visit any of those. Pottery is something the Irish take great pride in so an Irish mug or a bowl can make the perfect souvenir that will remind you of the amazing time you’ve spent there. However, pottery is fragile and it might not be practical if you travel with a backpack, which is why we recommend getting an Irish mug from an authentic online store such as https://www.keilys.com/irishmugs.html that will safely deliver your souvenir directly to your door back home. Lastly, Ireland is known for its crafts and it is home to many talented artisans so visit the local markets and galleries if you want to bring back home a piece of woodwork or a painting.


If you’re looking for fantastic landscapes, ancient ruins, delicious Mediterranean cuisine, and crystal-clear waters, Greece is just the right destination for you. As for souvenirs, this country had a wide range of options to offer for any taste and budget. One of the most iconic souvenirs to bring back from Greece is a bottle of authentic Greek olive oil, made from the finest olives grown in the country; you can keep it unopened as a keepsake or use it to prepare delicious salads. Honey is also a must-try while there, especially the thyme honey that has a strong taste and is known for its antiseptic properties, thus it is great for sore throats and flus. It is also used to prepare delicious local desserts such as baklava which also makes an excellent souvenir for those with a sweet tooth. Finally, if you are a fan of history and Greek mythology, it is a must to get something related to the country’s ancient history and beliefs, for example, coins, mythology books, or statues.

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