From Amalfi to Australia: travel in style with just one accessory

From Amalfi to Australia: travel in style with just one accessory

When it comes to planning your trips you take into consideration so many factors, but outfits are one crucial aspect of anyone’s travel plans, especially when you need to fit it all in a carry-on. If you are wondering how you can pack light, look gorgeous, and have a versatile accessory with you at all times, keep reading and find out what one of the most underrated pieces can bring to the table!

When it comes to fashion accessories, few items are as versatile and elegant as scarves. They can easily take your outfit from plain to Old Money aesthetic if styled properly! A scarf around the neck, on the hand, tied around your bag, or worn as a beach cover-up are just a few of the ways you can use this accessory on a trip, regardless of your destination. Let’s browse through the many benefits of traveling in style with scarfs!

Summer destinations

As the temperatures rise, we all take out our sunscreen and plan a trip to fun places or adventurous islands. Whether you go to Bali, Australia, the Maldives, or Greek beaches, scarves are a must-have! You can choose a silky or linen scarf, ensuring breathability and comfort, as these materials are lightweight and durable. For trips to the beach or hiking the landscapes of Australia, you can easily tie the scarf over your swimsuit, or on your head to protect yourself from the powerful UV rays. Here are some unique ways to wrap a scarf and look stylish. These scarves are great accessories and they perfectly fit into a small bag for abroad trips.

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Cold destinations

Traveling all year long, especially in the fall or winter, can be just as fun as in the summer. Traveling to the foggy coastline of Ireland, or enjoying the beautiful landscapes of Finland or Norway can be perfect with the right accessory to keep you cozy and make you look stunning. Choosing a culturally appropriate scarf can be regarded as a celebration of heritage and is well-appreciated by locals. For example, choosing Celtic-inspired scarfs when traveling to Ireland is a great way to get familiar with their history. This selection of Irish designed scarfs, with symbols such as knots, Celtic crosses, and so many Irish symbols, is perfect for finding the one that suits you and your destination the most. You can choose these types of scarfs for your cold destinations as they are crafted from wool and their length will surely keep you wrapped in warmth on your fun adventures.

European destinations

We all know Europe is a fantastic destination, filled with history, beautiful scenery, and delicious foods. When choosing places such as the Amalfi coast, Nice, Monaco, or even Spain, you will want to have a great style that perfectly combines comfort and elegance. The best way to upgrade your wardrobe on these types of vacations is to choose a scarf from elegant materials such as silk or cashmere, so you can tie it around your neck, bag, or head. With a scarf wrapped around your head, or sitting perfectly on your neckline, you will surely catch everyone’s attention and look your best at all times!

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Remember to make each trip and outfit your own, and walk with confidence everywhere you go!

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