The Benefits Of Having A Dog

The Benefits Of Having A Dog

Having a dog in the home can do so much more than give you a great companion for walks and for sitting on the couch in the evenings. A dog can actually improve your overall health simply by being part of your life. Science has proven it.

1.Increase Your Lifespan

Dogs aren’t just loveable companions. They can increase your lifespan by improving your heart health. Numerous studies have been done since the 1950s that show having a dog in the home lowers your blood pressure and cardiovascular stress. If you have had a major coronary event like a heart attack in the past, getting a dog can decrease your risk of having another serious event in the future.

2.Reduce Your Stress

Stress is a major impact on our mental and physical wellbeing. A dog can help you reduce the stress in your life and help you to cope with stress and anxiety better. They do this by being a loving companion that offers comfort with no need for anything in return. The benefits of petting a dog include lower blood pressure, slower breathing, decreased heart rate, and a relaxation of tension in your muscles.

You can get the benefits from petting any dog for as little as ten minutes. However, petting a dog you know well will have an even stronger impact on your mental wellbeing. Imagine the benefits of petting your faithful companion who has been in your home with you for years.

3.Improve Your Social Skills

We can learn so much from dogs, especially when it comes to socializing. This doesn’t mean that we should start licking people and sniffing them, but we can learn to be more open to new experiences and people like many dogs are. Owning a dog will also give you a reason to get out of the house and into more potential social situations.

Taking your dog for a walk gives you a chance to interact with other people out on the street or in the park. You also immediately have an icebreaker for the conversation because you will want to talk about your dog, their dog, and the two interact. This makes it much easier to meet new people who you know have at least one thing in common with you. From there, you can talk about other things that interest you, such as where to find the best sign-up bonuses, or where to go on holiday next (with your dog of course!).

4.Decrease Your Visits To The Doctor

Owning a dog can improve your health to the point where you will possibly visit the doctor less. This is especially true in older people, above the age of 65. A study has shown that those who own dogs are less likely to experience stressful events that lead to needing to see a doctor. Owning a dog also keeps you active, meaning you stave off age-related ailments that come from inactive lifestyles.

Dogs have also been known to be able to sniff out illnesses in people. There are various people working on using dogs to detect cancers in people, helping with shining star early detection and treatment.