How the Trees you Chop Down can benefit you

There have been many arguments for and against chopping down trees, many against arguments being related to the effects it’s having on wildlife and deforestation –  but if you want to get rid of one nuisance tree in your garden, there are many ways you can reuse your cut down tree to make sure it doesn’t go to waste. Tree Surgeon Poole companies can make sure your tree is cut down properly and with the correct safety procedures, so don’t panic about having to do this difficult task by yourself.

The Tree Stump

Tree stumps can make for a great natural side table or garden stools – they are reliable, sturdy, and most importantly you don’t have to worry too much about drink spillages. You can even revamp it by giving it a lick of paint. It’s strong, natural and useful – what’s not to like?

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Small walkway barriers

You may notice these out and about at nature walks, to allow walkers to differentiate

between forest and path way, tree branches make for great garden path edgings; it adds a bit of character, and looks unique. Just tie pieces of tree branches together and place on each side of your garden path.

Homely Decors

Instead of buying new, why not make your own home decorations. Photo frames are an easy make as you just need to tie or glue the sides together – voila, you have your own natural photo frame! You can even make your own placemats and drink coasters. The great thing about wood is that it’s basically a blank canvas so you can decorate it however you want to; decoupage is a great option for decorating wood, or you may just choose to have it undecorated for a natural wooden look.

Leaf confetti

Did you know? Most confetti is made from plastic – which takes many years to break down. This is harmful to our environment and the local wildlife. So if you’re attending an event or wedding you may want to consider leaf confetti. All the need is a shape punch (cutter) and of course a lot of leaves – it’s as simple as that!

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Trusty fire wood

The main benefit from cutting down a tree is the fire wood. If you have a log burner or an open fire place; keeping some logs from your tree aside for the winter, or even for extreme weather to make a fire will certainly keep you well prepared.

HandMade Furniture

If you are handy with DIY, you may want to create your own furniture – this could include bookcases, wine racks, or even a kitchen table. Wood is nature’s finest material, so it most definitely shouldn’t be overlooked. You might want to check out this article on different wood types for woodworking projects if you’re interested in making your own wooden furniture.