How To Handle Overwhelming First Date Stress

Finally, you’ve managed to get a date with that special someone. You’ve had your eye on them for months now, and at last, the opportunity arrived to ask them out. They agreed, how exciting! But hang on, that means you actually have to go on a date. What if it’s a disaster? Panic stations!

Yes, first dates can be stressful. You’re meeting someone in an environment of potential romance, which in itself is inherently demanding. After all, this person could be the one, right? You might go steady, move in together, and eventually get married. How are you supposed to deal with that sort of commitment?

Before you start chewing your nails and working yourself into a panic, take note of a few important tips.

This Is Supposed To Be Fun

Perhaps the biggest reason for a date being a disaster is nerves. Too often we land up heaping unbearable importance on the event, therefore treating the outing like an exam rather than a fun activity. But first and foremost a date is supposed to be enjoyable. No, you are not required to sit up straight, laugh at the right time, and obey the rules. Instead, rather just have fun! If it turns out you’re struggling to have fun with your date, perhaps it wasn’t meant to be.

First and foremost; be sure to plan a fun activity that you enjoy.

Dress Casual And Comfortable

You certainly want to look good in that there is no question. But what you don’t want is to be uncomfortable. It is a common mistake to overdress to the point of absurdity, pulling on an outfit that pinches in all the wrong places. Imagine how flattered your date will be seeing you wincing and grimacing.

Looking good is essential, but being uncomfortable a big mistake. If you’re worried about how you look don’t be afraid to ask a friend for help. They’ll surely be happy to assist.

Plenty Of Fish In The Sea

It is a cliché, but also happens to be a simple truth; there is plenty of fish in the sea. Maybe you really like this person, and perhaps you’ve been hoping to date them for months. Even still, if you just don’t get along it isn’t a disaster. The world won’t stop turning, the oceans won’t run dry, and it doesn’t mean you’re destined to be alone forever. If the date isn’t working out simply head home, pour yourself a drink, and log in to Lucky Creek for a bit of light entertainment. See? It was still a fun evening after all.

Most of all keep in mind that sometimes people just don’t get along in a special way. Trying to force a romance is always a bad idea, and will almost certainly end in disaster. If not now, then later. Heading to date with expectations is a mistake that everyone makes, and is a primary reason for a date going south.

Once again remember; that you’re there to have fun.